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2012-11-23 10:13 pm
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Um. Hello.

Wow it's been a long time.

There's even a "Like" thing here now, that's new.

So. There's a lot to talk about, and every time I try to type out a post about it it gets way too long and off-topic and I stop. So, instead, I'll just say hi, and apologize for not being here.

It can be difficult to blog when all I want to do in the evenings is nap sometimes. have things been with you?
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2012-08-05 09:21 pm

When did this happen? And how do we make it stop?

Oh wow has it really been since May since I was here?

That's sad.

The worst part is, it's not like I don't have anything to talk about! I have lots to talk about, but that's part of the problem - things just keep happening and I have more and more things to put in an entry like this and so because I have so much to talk about I never know how to say it satisfactorially I end up never saying it at all.

New job has gone super super well so far! I think they really do want to keep me on past the end of my part-time appointment, since they talk about giving me assignments past the end of my part-time assignment, in September. Which is exciting, since I've been trying to get a full-time job for two years now, but also a little scary!

There was about two weeks there when my parents were both out of the house on vacation, and it was up to me to fix dinner, get all the chores done, feed the dog, get to and from work on time, assign menus and tasks for my brother and me to make sure the dog got fed when I worked late and the plants got watered and everything and the laundry got done, and as I was preparing bills to pay to drop off before I went to work, and it occurred to me - am I, like, being an adult? Is this what adulthood looks like?

It was nice to feel capable (and let me tell you, just having a job has done wonders for my mood, never mind holding down the house), but at the same time it's like OH MY GOD WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN.

I'm still working at the shop a few days a week, too, which means I have super long and tiring days and my back is starting to ache on occasion, but honestly it kind of feels good having stuff to do. It makes it so much easier not to feel useless or like I'm wasting time. Even if I'm creating that business for myself and it's completely false.

Unfortunately working all this time has kind of sapped my writing energy - I have ideas, but when I'm not too tired to write them it just doesn't feel worth it - either because it's something no one cares about or it'll be too much work or my writing is terrible so there's no point in continuing to write fic, things like that. Perhaps a tradeoff for feeling so good about myself in other respects?

That'll be all for this entry; I'm going to keep this short so I don't get all intimidated and not finish it again! And also I need to go to bed because commuting into the city every morning means getting up at 6, bleeeh. That's a part of adulthood I can do without.
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2012-04-08 11:35 pm
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(no subject)

Happy Easter, loves, if you celebrate(d) it. And happy Passover, to those that celebrate that.

To those that don't, I hope you have gone out and gotten yourself some Peeps or Cadbury Eggs and had your life enhanced accordingly. And if you haven't you should do because it'll improve your day immeasurably. Have a fantastic week.

Other stuff to post, but I just wanted to get that in there before I let another holiday/special event go by.
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2012-03-01 02:14 pm

So I managed to go a literal month without updating, there's that.

Honestly, not much has been happening that I'd talk about here! I haven't managed much writing (or at least I haven't managed to finish anything), I've drawn on occasion, I've piddled around on a fanmix and tried to work on a vid...nothing really complete or definitive. I've also been working more hours at my shop, which is good because it means I've been able to accrue some savings but also means not as much fannish downtime.

So...partly popping in to say I'm still alive, yeah. I've been commenting more than updating, and I've been more active on Tumblr because it lets me post pictures of puppies and pretend it's content, but there are also memes and stuff to do. I'm slowly going through all the meme backlogs on this journal and trying to finish them up for completeness' sake.

Also I've been spending an absurd amount of timing reading Homestuck. And reading about Homestuck. Time Sink Award Winner right there.

So, things:

1. If Movie: The Movie is not a Yuletide fandom by this December I will be disappointed in Fandom At Large.

2. contemplating getting into Mass Effect? And I fully admit that this is down mostly to the pile of awesome fanart, and also Garrus and Legion who look really cool. And also the prospect of Sheppard/Garrus, because I'm just horrendously predictable that way. Really, the only thing that stopped me from seeing if my computer was up for it on Steam was hearing certain spoilers regarding the ending of ME3 that I am not sure I am down with. Maybe I can just play the first two and leave it there?

There's also the point that I want to support BioWare after they basically told homophobic gamers to GTFO after someone complained about the m/m romances in Dragon Age. I'd like more game companies to do that! It'd be nice. Maybe I could play Dragon Age instead? Hmm.

3. I've been beading! A lot, actually, though mostly simple stuff. Here, have some pictures!

Pictures! )
You can find most of these (save for the paper beads, which I'm not finished with yet) on my etsy page if you'd like to wear them for yourself! Or just look at more pictures.

4. I always want to write fic based on my fannish dreams and then I remember that a) nobody cares about other people's dreams and b) the whole reason they're dreams is that even in context they don't make a whole lot of sense.

...It was a Generator Rex dream wherein Noah had to go on a mission to the bottom of the ocean for some reason but then his radio cut off and no one knew where he was so Six went down after him, busted through the ocean floor, ended up in a grey lobby with someone who was either Death or one of Death's assistants and then dived out a window into a featureless void. And after that I had to leave for some reason (because the whole thing was something I was watching on a movie screen) and when I came back no one else in the theater would tell me what happened. My dream projections are dicks. :(

5. A meme answer! From [personal profile] caiusmajor , one of those seven-questions things wherein you comment asking for questions and I ask you things for you to post.

Cut for length and discussion of robotporn. )

6. I have some other stuff I guess but I've been typing this entry for far too long. See you later flisters.

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2012-01-31 11:14 am
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So I've got some options.

Today is my day off work after several days of helping with floor moves (translation: hauling heavy merch around to revamp the store layout). I am a bit knackered after all that and don't feel like doing much. 

There are people renovating my bathroom, so ideally I should be out of my house so's I can get out of their way.

There are four things I could do here:

1. Something responsible, like go out with my dad and car shop because my baby is, unfortunately, starting to have engine trouble that will cost more than she does. As much as it breaks my heart not to have her, it's probably time.

(Of course, Dad also insists that my next car be one with a manual transmission, which I barely know how to drive. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, but those times in between that I spend stalling it trying to get it out of the driveway are not going to be fun.)

2. Do something equally responsible but homebound, like insurance paperwork or trying to clear some of the mountain of paper and crap out of my room, because god knows that's an ongoing effort.

3. Bugger off to the bead shop (which is 45 minutes away) and gaze covetously at more beads I don't need. And also ask the folks working there if they know a way to seal paper beads without getting some expensive enameling, because I've got a sheet of wrapping paper that is way too pretty to throw out but I don't want to buy a whole big tub of UTEE if I'm only going to use it once.

4. Try to write. Because, you know, that's gone great over the past few weeks. (Hint: No it hasn't.)

On the one hand, having more hours at work means I've got more financial leeway, but it means on my days off I'm way more tempted to just tear off for the malls or the movies.

I have done some drawing, though! I'll get pictures up later tonight, probably.

Also I haven't been journaling very much have I. I'm still alive! Hi.

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2012-01-06 09:44 am
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This is the worst belated Christmas present ever

Muppet: Hey, it's my first day working at the Bethesda store. I should show up early to make a good impression!

Muppet's Body: Merry Christmas! I got you pinkeye.

Muppet: D:

Muppet's Body: Or maybe just a stye, I'm not sure which, but either way you're going to have to take time off work to go to the eye doctor to make sure you don't give everyone else contagious eye germs.

Muppet: D:<

Muppet's Body: Oh, and you're going to have to throw out all your eye makeup.

Muppet: I HATE YOU.

Muppet's Body: I got you back pain too.
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2011-12-21 11:10 pm
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Man advanced physics is weird.

Wanna feel very short-sighted? Watch the episode of "Through the Wormhole" on what time is and whether it really exists. Watch your Christmas shopping list suddenly feel very insignificant.

Also, yeah, the new commenting style is exactly as ugly as I thought it'd be. And the anonymous icon with a bag over its head is kind of creepy-looking. I realize I don't pay for my LJ and thus they couldn't give less of a shit if I leave, but can anyone point me to the Dreamwidth journal importer? I couldn't find it and I want to get started importing as soon as possible since I figure it'll probably be backed up.

Also does the importer bring comments with it? There's a lot of nice stuff in the comments of my journal. :(

Day off tomorrow. I should spend it shopping, cooking, beading, and wrapping presents but I mostly want to spend it writing and drawing. And napping. And listening to doom metal to rinse the endless repetition of the same 3 holiday CDs out of my head.
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2011-12-16 12:43 am

Why aren't you using the Customer Appreciation Bat?

Contrary to the title this entry is not whining about retail. It's still pretty sane here in the shop, and every day I praise the Patron Saint of Retail Workers that I am not working at Best Buy and have not had to break up any fights.

Nah, this entry is whining about actually for-real failing Organic Chem. I mean, I tried, the night before my final, to finish all the work I had to make up, I really did. And I studied. And then I got my third test back and saw I'd gotten a 42 out of 110 on it, which is somehow worse than I did on the test I didn't even finish.

And so I just said "fuck it" and hid in my room for the rest of the day until it was time to go to work and didn't even check to see if my professors e-mailed me because I just wanted to forget I'd ever taken that class.

In all honesty? I'd be okay with taking it again. It'd be kind of a waste of money, but I've saved up from working the holidays. What I'm most worried about is what kind of lie I'm going to tell my mother. I'm not looking forward to the freak-out "what's wrong with you, I thought you were getting better, you're so much better than this" business. I get why I failed - I was working plus taking care of her while she did her schoolwork plus taking care of my grandfather plus applying to/fretting over grad school plus getting sick plus not giving a crap about the class after the halfway point. But given that she wants me to go to grad school so bad I'm afraid she'll make me quit work, and I don't want to do that before I get another job. I need an outside job to feel useful, to feel like I'm doing something with myself, and also I hate having to borrow money from my parents.

I wish I still gave a crap. I hate not giving a crap, especially about grad school. As much as I hate the idea of it I feel like I don't have a choice, like if I don't have that impetus of "go to grad school" I'll have no direction and just sit around my parents' house and wallow. Even if I know I wouldn't.

Oh, and the mouspad on my computer stopped working, in more first-world-problem news. I need to try to scrounge up a USB mouse to make sure that it's just the mouse and not the whole computer suddenly, which I don't think it is since it boots up okay. Uuuugh. Why is everything kind of bollocks right now.


On a completely different note, listening to nonstop holiday music at the shop seriously makes me want to write about the various religions and psuedo-religions and gods and celebrations in my various fandoms. Like hey, wasn't Time considered a goddess in Doctor Who secondary canon? Odd, given the fact that Time Lords are supposed to be a highly advanced scientific society. Is this a sign of their decadence, or of how far they've fallen, that they attribute what they formerly had mastery over to the supernatural? And hey, maybe there's even a James Frazer "Golden Bough" thing going on where because so many sophisticated minds believe in this godlike force and as such that causes her to be real and time to stop behaving rationally.

Or hey, even Transformers. Primus/the planet/the creator is referred to as a god, but how does one worship or express faith in something that you know is currently extant and beneath your feet? What about the Thirteen, do people know about that? Are they like saints? Or Homestuck, with the obvious parallels between The Sufferer, the Dolorosa, the Disciple and the Psionic to Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene and Peter - and given all the dinners my family eats over at the Cuban place with all its Santeria candles I ended up thinking about the history of Marian devotion and how strongly Mary is represented in syncretic religions and hey, I wonder how that would go when not only is the Mary figure still alive (because she doesn't get killed till Mindfang's time) but the whole faith is sort of underground and secret and if any of the Sufferer's secret followers have a branch of Dolorosa devotion and I'm thinking about this too hard again aren't I.

Of course, this is sometimes this is the only think keeping me from punching someone in the face the 500th time I hear "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree", so there's that.


I plan on doing very little but sleeping tomorrow. 

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2011-12-12 01:54 am
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Yet another post-and-run-at-2.a.m. because it's all I do now apparently.

So I started setting up that Etsy shop at last. It's not very fancy; there's only a few things on it right now, you're on Etsy, maybe you'd want to go look at it?

If nothing else you can look at all my exercises in marketing-ese.
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2011-12-06 11:30 pm

Flist help me make important life decisions.

So. I finally got a job. Kind of.

I interviewed for a small nonprofit that works with health issues for LBT women. It's an unpaid internship, mostly maintaining a database of donors and keeping up with donor requests and needs. Honestly doesn't sound all that fun, and I wouldn't even get paid, but I think I'd like working there and it seems like a small, close environment. And also it's about health issues! With underserved populations! And they also talked to me about how they like to make sure they set their interns with a job at the end of the internship.

But I also interviewed for a position at the FDA. It's paid. And they haven't gotten back to me about it yet. I haven't even filled out the application yet, because I need to go through USAJobs and finish the application. And even then I might not get it.

And then of course there's my retail job to consider. I can probably continue it for the money if I took the internship, not with the full-time job. But I don't want to turn down the internship and then not get the FDA job.

And then, of course, Mom pointed out that if I took the internship I wouldn't be able to go to school. I want to just scream at her "I don't want to go to grad school, okay, I'm only applying because you want me to and I feel like I don't have a choice, stop going on about it."

Speaking of Mom I asked her the other day if she'd be very cross with me if I failed Organic Chem and had to take it again. Her answer: "Why? You're not going to fail, are you?"

Yeah thanks Mom I'm glad you didn't answer that question that's really great.

Ugh. Everything is Orgo and everything hurts. And I'd just really love to know why I can memorize all the interrelationships in Homestuck and all the nuances of dubiously-canon robot spirituality but I can't fucking remember how an epoxide reacts.

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2011-11-06 11:20 pm

Cat Girl and Strapping Young Pervert: The Sitcom!

I had a cleverer title but I forgot it.[Poll #1792990]

2. If I named a fic (or a chapter of a fic) "Faaip de Oiad", how many people, approximately, would know what I was talking about?

I do on occasion hate the small reference pools fandom can inspire.

(It's Enochian for "voice of God", and a track on the Tool album Lateralus that samples a hoax caller to the Art Bell radio show. You can hear it here!)

Anyway I'd been tossing it around as a name for the Holy War AU on the occasion that I ever actually write the damn thing which looks increasingly unlikely, but there was one time back in middle school when I suggested a friend name one of her fis something in Italian and she ended up getting no readers because everyone thought the fic was in Italian. But I suppose if you don't know the reference, "Faaip de Oiad" just sounds like a nonsense phrase.

3. Hot damn does Homestuck make me want to start drawing again. I mean, Transformers makes me want to draw again too, but I have an excuse for being bad at it because they're all robots and I've never drawn robots before. (Except that most of the fanart I want to draw is of the humans trololo) And now all the characters here are humanoid, or at least most of them are, and as such I've got no excuse.

I feel like I almost need to go back to drawing because writing has become so listless and chore-like lately, like "Nobody likes what you write and you write boring crap nobody cares about and in a few years it'll all be useless because this isn't getting you a career or doing anything productive with your time bluh bluh", that kind of feeling. Drawing is still by that criterion a waste of time, but at least it's a waste of time that more people seem to be responsive to and thus more willing to give my sad ass validation. What with Tumblr and the fandoms I'm in being cartoons/comics (and thus imitable in artwork, whereas real-life people are harder to do fanart for), I seem to be in a more and more visually-oriented corner of fandom and sometimes I can't help feeling like I'm being left behind.

And yet every time I even try drawing it all ends up looking stiff and stilted and unrealistic and I get frustrated and scribble over it and YOU GUYS MAKE IT LOOK SO FUCKING EASY I CAN'T EVEN. *pouts*

Any...advice, I guess, on how to get better? Or at least not feel like crap about being bad at it and post it anyway?

4. What makes up for my lack of drawing skills is the fact that over the weekend I have made some incredibly kickass jewelry and I am gonna post pictures in the next couple of days and you are all going to be wildly jealous or something.

5.  Fandom seems determined to make me want things I thought I didn't even like. Oh, you don't like enemy ships/FoeYay? Surprise, Doctor/Master! Now you do*. Oh, you say that doesn't count because they were so polite to each other when they were Three and Delgado? Have some TF Prime Optimus/Megatron. Changed your mind? Oh, and you know how you were talking about not liking doomed and unhappy ships? I brought you some Animated!Optimus/Sentinel/Elita. Now you do.

What's that? Pseudo-incest doesn't bother you but biological incest ships aren't your bag? Surprise Dave/Rose motherfucker.

I am almost afraid to state out loud that I don't like furry or vore or other fringe stuff because I'm terrified of fandom somehow twisting itself around to prove me wrong and I don't want to like them.

*Of course, if I'm really looking back into my fannish history, even before I got into Doctor Who I still shipped CSI: Miami Horatio/Stetler really hard. But then again, Miami was kind of weird. don't get to judge me, okay.

6. So, lets say a hypothetical fan who was definitely not me was writing a Transformers fic with the original thirteen Primes in them. And when she started writing it, there were only a few Primes named, and while there was talk of there being one female Prime she wasn't actually named yet. So this fan picked a new name for her Prime (Volta) and went about her fannish day without ever actually writing this damn fic.

Fast forward maybe a year or so. The list of Primes is much more complete, and the name of the one lady, Solus, is now public knowledge. And it's pretty official that she's the only girl.

Does the hypothetical writer who is in no way me:

a) Change the name from Volta to Solus, even though that requires a little more canonical justification?
b) say "fuck it" and keep the "second" female Prime because screw that, let's have us More Ladies?

7. Ravens, what are you doing, how do you blow a lead like that? :(

8. Aaaand I didn't do my homework again. Bleh. Do it tomorrow. I had a busy busy week last week and I have earned the right to goof off this weekend.
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2011-11-01 02:46 am
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It's still Halloween in some time zones, right?

Because everyone was doing it and I was feeling left out:

In honour of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door.' Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and...well, you know the drill. Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (pics of fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, doodles, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc.). The more "houses" to visit the more fun it'll be, so go ahead, open your journal and help spread the fun!


And now, let's get some spookiness up in here. :D Since there's a lot of scary movies and stuff out there, I'm going to be focusing on video games. And music.

The Path: A dark take on Little Red Riding Hood, short on actual gameplay and long on mood, atmosphere, and metaphor. Not jump-out-and-yell-boo scary, but unsettling and strange nonetheless. I really recommend you play this one yourself, rather than watching a Let's Play, since the game changes every time it's played due to the randomization of environements and there's no way to duplicate any play experience, and it's all much more fun if you go in without knowing what's going on. However, there is a Let's Play available here.

Pathologic: ...this one's a little harder to get your hands on; it's originally in Russian, and the only English translation available is rather poor, but...honestly? Just read the review of it. It will make you want to learn Russian so you can play it as it was meant to be played. And then download it and play it anyway despite the fact that it will bring you nothing but pain. Marvellous pain.

Shade: Always one of my favorites. A creepy, oppressive Interactive Fiction that manages to terrify using only text.

Speaking of old favorites, have you checked out The SCP Foundation yet? It's a marvelous little alternate-universe urban-fantasy-deconstruction wherein the titular foundation contains and monitors paranormal creatures and phenomena ranging from the hilarious to the more darkly hilarious to the mindbending to the ghoulish to the extremely fucking horrible.

I was going to put some more in but my goodness it's late. Maybe tomorrow/later today.

Happy Halloween, flist!
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2011-10-13 11:40 pm
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I really don't have that much to say.

Except quick, guys, I need suggestions for the Etsy shop that me and [ profile] pixxistixx4me are gonna set up. It's gonna be a combination of my jewelry, her jewelry (which she doesn't have pictures of up but is a combination beadwork, silverwork, and enameling) and the occasional vintage/antique stuff that my coworker has given me to sell

Names? Something memorable yet catchy? I'm just completely out of ideas and I need to just set the shop up and get these dolls/necklaces/boxes out of my room.
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2011-10-08 12:24 am
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Drive-by post goes beep beep beep.

Looking through the movie reviews in this week's paper, I realized that the media I'm most excited about at the moment are
a) the season finale of Transformers Prime
b) the next episode of My Little Pony c
) the pending release of the next chapter of The Silver Lining d
) Real Steel, which looks to be about as thoughtful as a box of rocks but fuck it, I don't care, Hugh Jackman and boxing robots.

...and now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and read Finnegan's Wake or something so I can pretend I'm still any decent kind of intellectual. I'm going to an exhibit of sound in art this weekend! And there's a very meaningful and thoughtful movie about pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago that I want to see! My brain hasn't completely atrophied, please believe me. :(

Of course, reading the movie reviews also brought to me the disquieting discovery that one of the city's art theaters is actually playing Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence. Like on an actual screen and everything, as if it were a real movie and not an enormous Aristocrats-joke-turned-horror-story.

Yes, I said Human Centipede 2. There's a sequel.

If we were in the movies this would be the point where I would start to sob, and then my sobs would slowly dissolve into deranged laughter as I at last went mad from the revelation.


On a real life note: On the one hand, I actually quite like spiders, and am very grateful to them for eating other bugs that we consider pests, like stink bugs and mosquitoes. On the other hand, our backyard is getting covered in cobwebs and it's getting a little spooky back there.
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2011-09-19 06:15 pm
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Digging my way out from the paper pile.

I would like to say that I have been hiding away doing homework (and to an extent I have) but mostly I have been trying to clean the enormous hive of paper that is my room. And wrestling with the Web-based program that I need to actually do my homework, which has decided to lock me out again. This is why I hate doing assignments on the internet! Paper and pencils for all!

Anyway, the reason my room has become a nexus of general messiness is because my coworker has decided that she wants me to help her sell some of her old dolls on my Etsy page, since Etsy does let you sell vintage and, hey, people sell stuff from the Eighties and call it vintage on Etsy, 50-something-year-old dolls should count.

But the trouble is, I have no idea what they are. No brands, no certain country of origin, no year, nothing. And there's some old metalworked boxes and vanity sets that she wants sold too and I can't place a year on them, or anything about them really aside from the fact that they have the Russian double-headed eagle on them.

So...I know some of you make dolls, but do any of you know anything about collecting them? Would you be able to help me out with identity and pricing? I'm not expecting them to be super super valuable or anything, but if you could point me to any resources I might use or anything like that.

And since I'm including a couple of crappy webcam photos so you can see what they look like, I was going to turn this into a picspam but then I spent five hours on the internet and SCP Foundation instead. ADD! The sport of kings.

Couple of pictures, couple of pictures. )

Got to run, there's homework what needs finishing. I keep meaning to seize my weekends and write and it never happens, le sigh.
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2011-09-12 05:22 pm
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My life is tremendously exciting.

> fully intend to do something productive today like writing or homework or beading or whatever it is people do when they don't have many assigned tasks

> spend two hours on /co/ and /cm/ instead

> forget about two phone calls I was supposed to make.

...well, fuck. And now I feel terrible about sitting down to write anything because I've already been inside all day staring at my computer screen.

Have a linkdump while I'm here:

Clip of Season 2 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I mainly bring this up because John de Lancie is voicing the dragon/chimera Discord, at least so the rumor goes. Yes, as in Q. He is apparently trolling the ponies now. Because he can, that's why.

Daniel Radcliffe sings Tom Lehrer's Elements Song. I now adore this man.
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2011-08-29 11:35 pm
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Post and flee, works for me.

I'm sorry. That was terrible.

I wonder why it is that, during the week I had no classes and very little work, I made little progress whatsoever on the many nonessential fandom- and internet-related tasks I had in mind, and now that I'm taking Organic Chemistry and have increased work hours coming up (with the pending Fall and Holiday seasons) all I can think about is "hey I really should write/plot out my original fiction for once/actually do shit with the comms I mod/reply to that professor who liked me/send those photos to my old entomology professor/write/type up that big post about (cultural appropriation and music/racial divides and music/crap I found while cleaning my room/why people keep reviewing A Serbian Film when they know it's horrible going in/whether I should study bugs for a living) that I keep meaning to.

At least I spent several days that week cleaning my room? So I got some real-world stuff done, anyway. And Organic doesn't look nearly as intimidating now that I know I got a B in regular Chem. And I've gotten my act together to start applying for assistant jobs at Discovery Channel and National Geographic, because no less that three people (one of whom is my mother's professor, and who has never met me) have recommended I start looking for work there, so I figure maybe this is a sign or something. Fingers crossed.

And it is once again late and bedtime. Don't want to be tired in class.
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2011-08-25 01:30 am
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Pose as a team cause shit just got real

So mostly I've ben cleaning my room, which is making me tired and ill-inclined to do anything, but I did see the latest TF Prime episode.

Spoilers! )

And now I'm tired and have to go to bed because I'm decrepit, but before I do, in the process of room-cleaning I found four unused sketchbooks and two packs of graphite sketch pencils in the mess I live in. I know most of you draw on the computer, but I'm going to give them away anyway. Anyone want them?
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2011-08-23 02:12 pm
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nature what is this

...was that just an earthquake? In Maryland? What the crap.

I don't know how y'all in California deal with this; weather services are calling this a 5.8 at the worst and it was still freaky.
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2011-06-04 12:57 am
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I ain't even mad. Really.

Of course I'm not pissed off that I'm not at BotCon right now. Not at all. Not in the slightest. I am in no way being eaten up with jealously at the thought of not getting to meet the writers and artists and voice actors of my favorite continuity and not buying any comics or getting any autographs, fuck you California one day I will just cut you off the side of the country and bring you over here so you can stop hogging everything. >:(

In all seriousness, even if it was close I wouldn't have been able to go anyway, probably, what with my baby brother graduating from high school! A bit scary since I do actually remember him being a baby, but, still, super proud of him, and it does warm the heart to watch him walk across the stage after all the hard work he's done.

Also, if I was at BotCon, I wouldn't have gone to see a documentary about the oldest cave paintings ever found, in Chauvet Cave in France, asking questions about the nature of art and humanity and stuff. You wish you were this much of a film snob, oh yeah. (Though it was very beautiful, and you should see it if you get the chance.)

Oh, and another thing I wouldn't get to do if I was at BotCon: Watch a black swallowtail caterpillar molt. OF COURSE THAT'S EXCITING.

A few bug pictures behind the cut! )
It is probably a tiny bit absurd how excited I am about this caterpillar, but I am so looking forward to watching his development. Or her development, I suppose.

Goodness it's late. To bed with me.