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Today is my day off work after several days of helping with floor moves (translation: hauling heavy merch around to revamp the store layout). I am a bit knackered after all that and don't feel like doing much. 

There are people renovating my bathroom, so ideally I should be out of my house so's I can get out of their way.

There are four things I could do here:

1. Something responsible, like go out with my dad and car shop because my baby is, unfortunately, starting to have engine trouble that will cost more than she does. As much as it breaks my heart not to have her, it's probably time.

(Of course, Dad also insists that my next car be one with a manual transmission, which I barely know how to drive. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, but those times in between that I spend stalling it trying to get it out of the driveway are not going to be fun.)

2. Do something equally responsible but homebound, like insurance paperwork or trying to clear some of the mountain of paper and crap out of my room, because god knows that's an ongoing effort.

3. Bugger off to the bead shop (which is 45 minutes away) and gaze covetously at more beads I don't need. And also ask the folks working there if they know a way to seal paper beads without getting some expensive enameling, because I've got a sheet of wrapping paper that is way too pretty to throw out but I don't want to buy a whole big tub of UTEE if I'm only going to use it once.

4. Try to write. Because, you know, that's gone great over the past few weeks. (Hint: No it hasn't.)

On the one hand, having more hours at work means I've got more financial leeway, but it means on my days off I'm way more tempted to just tear off for the malls or the movies.

I have done some drawing, though! I'll get pictures up later tonight, probably.

Also I haven't been journaling very much have I. I'm still alive! Hi.

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So I started setting up that Etsy shop at last. It's not very fancy; there's only a few things on it right now, you're on Etsy, maybe you'd want to go look at it?

If nothing else you can look at all my exercises in marketing-ese.
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Except quick, guys, I need suggestions for the Etsy shop that me and [ profile] pixxistixx4me are gonna set up. It's gonna be a combination of my jewelry, her jewelry (which she doesn't have pictures of up but is a combination beadwork, silverwork, and enameling) and the occasional vintage/antique stuff that my coworker has given me to sell

Names? Something memorable yet catchy? I'm just completely out of ideas and I need to just set the shop up and get these dolls/necklaces/boxes out of my room.
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I've gotten a bidding thread at [ profile] help_haiti ; since I figured trying to write anything on a schedule would only end in pain, I instead decided to offer bead jewelry.

I'll make necklaces, earrings (for pierced and non-pierced ears), bracelets, and suites, to your color and style specifications (i.e. if you want a choker or a lariat, a clasp bracelet v. an elastic bracelet, something fancy v. something quirky, etc). While I can't exactly duplicate a piece (as my bead resources here are limited) if you feel like providing some pictures of a piece like the one you want I'll do my best to make something in that vein. The only restriction is that I can't make anything with a bead loom (as I don't have one, sorry) and that asking for something requiring bead weaving will take much longer as I'm not very good at it.

Pictures of my jewelry are up here, with some pieces I didn't include in my gallery here. Oh, and any piece that I haven't already given away is up for "sale"; PM or e-mail me with your preferred donation for a particular piece.
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Been a while since I did that, hasn't it.

Anyway, I got an idea in my head for something I wanted to draw, and 20 minutes worth of drawing was my reward for every hour of homework done. This did encourage me to be a more productive artist, though, since it didn't take me the usual three weeks to finish a drawing.

So, anyway, it turns out that not only am I the sort of person who draws the Transformers as humans, I'm the sort of person who draws the Transformers as human women. I'm not sure what that says about me. And yeah, it's another static female figure, which I've been drawing since forever, and I should be branching out, but that is for a time when I don't have homework to do.

I did Bumblebee first, since I already had an idea of what I wanted girl!Bee to look like.

Behind the cut. )

I'll probably hold off posting this on DeviantArt until it's cleaned up and colored (though that means either learning to color or reinstalling GIMP), though I might not post it there either since I get this vibe that drawing human!TFs is generally frowned upon unless you're just as good at drawing the 'bots.

I also made two jewelry things! I made them for the Secret Santa with my friends, and now that [ profile] xarisbanana  has received them I can show them off to you.

Behind the cut! )

And now it is back to diligent homeworking tomorrow, la.
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I finally, finally, finally, after months of work and dithering and restringing, finished my mom's Mother's Day present necklace.

And it actually doesn't look bad. 

I AM SO DONE. *collapse*
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Rest in Peace, Ingmar Bergman. Cinema will miss you.

And the "Oh, crap." I was working on Mom's bead chains for her necklace, and I got almost completely done with chain #4 - almost done, I tell you. Like, within inches. 

Unfortunately, I found out in the course of being inches from done that my strand was inches too short. Which means I have to cut the calotte off one end of the thread and restring the whole damn thing. Crap. 

This necklace is going to take me weeks. 

And now, the interview meme rides again, courtesy of

[profile] stellaluna_. Y'all know how this is done, so comment if you want it, though I'm sure you're not thrilled about doing this again.

Am still pondering doing the First Impressions meme.


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Look at that. Look at that. I'm so out of ideas I can't even think of a witty subject line.

I haven't been posting lately because I've had nothing to say. Ficcing progess has been slow due to lack of inspiration and my frustrated attempts to hammer out a damn timeline for Little Brothers; even the Pairing Generator hasn't been enough to kick-start anything, although I do have a few lovely paragraphs and the skeletons of what look like interesting one-shots lined up. Of course, at last count there were two multi-chapters and over fourty ficlets in various stages of development or lack thereof. Perhaps at some point I will reach some critical mass of ideas and will suddenly return to work in a burst of creativity. It's a thought.

Little Brothers has become easily the most complicated of the lot, since there's a vague and confusing timeline to be wrestled with and a lot of implied character development that has to be pinned to the mat. I may be posting my thoughts and notes on this matter for consideration and discussion in a later post; perhaps having a few extra eyes on this beast will make it more docile. Of course, that would mean spoiling later chapters, but it's only a fic. Not like I'm spoiling the actual show.

While the muse dithers and shuffles her feet, I've been tinkering around with my beads, and I finally made that necklace that I'd been planning since December. Perhaps I shall post a picture before I set up my shop.

There have certainly been things of interest happening in my life, but none that I feel like discussing at length with the Intarwebs. Classes, schoolwork, reruns, the odd social occasion. You know the drill.

I did go shopping today, however. It was a nice change of pace. I fail to understand, though, how "low rise" can mean "one inch below the bellybutton" in one store and "dangling perilously off the pelvic bones, and if you haven't got thong underwear and a Brazilian wax then heaven help you" in another. Stupid non-standard pants manufacturing.

Also, my mad love for the song in the header is almost unexpressable.
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Almost every shot I took of my jewelry came out blurry or otherwise wierd, so I decided I'd put them up here rather than subject DA to them. XD

Ahem. Here's a few samples of my work. It's mostly necklaces, but there are a few bracelets in there, and I included the three pairs of earrings I like the best.

I'd like your honest opinion. If I put up an online shop selling stuff like this (not exactly like this, because every piece would be unique), so you think anyone would be interested in buying? Comments are much appreciated here.

Take a peek behind the cut. WARNING: Not dial-up friendly. )
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When you sit down to write a journal entry and find that you have nothing relevant to say.

Though there might be a point in there somewhere if you look hard enough. )
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