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A note for community purposes: I am over the age of eighteen.

Hey there.

If you followed me from DeviantArt, this is PearlLotus. Found me from It's Stunt Muppet talking. Facebook? Yeah hi. Still me. (I'd prefer it if you didn't use my real name here, though. Sorry, but abject paranoia has never yet let me down.)

Welcome to my livejournal, one of my many substitutes for real human contact. This is where I rant and ramble about life, the universe, and everything. This is where I may, if I feel so inclined, post my art and fanfiction, or puzzle aloud about the fate of my original fiction without ever actually showing anybody any of it (the real art action happens on DA, though). This is where I think aloud about anything I can't talk about in real life, confidant in the knowledge that the entire Internet now knows my innermost thoughts but really doesn't give a damn.

I am also the mod for [info]heydollyrocker, a community for Ben and Polly love (from Doctor Who).

The journal's about half friends-only and half public. Fanfiction, fandom talk, and general commentary is usually public; personal stuff is f-locked.

Oh, and that little purple fella up in my icon is Sparky. He's Richard Belzer's stunt muppet. He's my secret husband, so be nice to him.

Credit for icons I use listed on the icons page.

Have a nice day. Tip your waitresses, try the veal.

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