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Honestly, not much has been happening that I'd talk about here! I haven't managed much writing (or at least I haven't managed to finish anything), I've drawn on occasion, I've piddled around on a fanmix and tried to work on a vid...nothing really complete or definitive. I've also been working more hours at my shop, which is good because it means I've been able to accrue some savings but also means not as much fannish downtime.

So...partly popping in to say I'm still alive, yeah. I've been commenting more than updating, and I've been more active on Tumblr because it lets me post pictures of puppies and pretend it's content, but there are also memes and stuff to do. I'm slowly going through all the meme backlogs on this journal and trying to finish them up for completeness' sake.

Also I've been spending an absurd amount of timing reading Homestuck. And reading about Homestuck. Time Sink Award Winner right there.

So, things:

1. If Movie: The Movie is not a Yuletide fandom by this December I will be disappointed in Fandom At Large.

2. contemplating getting into Mass Effect? And I fully admit that this is down mostly to the pile of awesome fanart, and also Garrus and Legion who look really cool. And also the prospect of Sheppard/Garrus, because I'm just horrendously predictable that way. Really, the only thing that stopped me from seeing if my computer was up for it on Steam was hearing certain spoilers regarding the ending of ME3 that I am not sure I am down with. Maybe I can just play the first two and leave it there?

There's also the point that I want to support BioWare after they basically told homophobic gamers to GTFO after someone complained about the m/m romances in Dragon Age. I'd like more game companies to do that! It'd be nice. Maybe I could play Dragon Age instead? Hmm.

3. I've been beading! A lot, actually, though mostly simple stuff. Here, have some pictures!

Paper beads! Made out of a wrapping paper that was too pretty to throw away. They're actually super-simple to make but incredibly time-consuming, so they're kind of an ongoing project whenever I'm at odds for what to work on.

Marbles! I found a big bag of marbles in my bookshelf while I was cleaning it out and decided to put them on a necklace, because what else was I going to do with them. I think they look funky.

Pearls in silver-plated wire. These have actually gotten a really good response - I've already sold these two to one of my coworkers, who was super-impressed with them.

Spring colors!

...yeah, these were mostly to use up some beads. But I really like the one with the pink cubes myself. It's similar to one I made for my mom and I think it looks a bit Pinkie-Pie-ish.

You can find most of these (save for the paper beads, which I'm not finished with yet) on my etsy page if you'd like to wear them for yourself! Or just look at more pictures.

4. I always want to write fic based on my fannish dreams and then I remember that a) nobody cares about other people's dreams and b) the whole reason they're dreams is that even in context they don't make a whole lot of sense.

...It was a Generator Rex dream wherein Noah had to go on a mission to the bottom of the ocean for some reason but then his radio cut off and no one knew where he was so Six went down after him, busted through the ocean floor, ended up in a grey lobby with someone who was either Death or one of Death's assistants and then dived out a window into a featureless void. And after that I had to leave for some reason (because the whole thing was something I was watching on a movie screen) and when I came back no one else in the theater would tell me what happened. My dream projections are dicks. :(

5. A meme answer! From [personal profile] caiusmajor , one of those seven-questions things wherein you comment asking for questions and I ask you things for you to post.

1. Warm weather or cold?

Oh my god warm weather. Always warm weather. I do not like being cold. Although I can deal with cool weather (50 F or so), cold weather makes me want to huddle up indoors and do nothing all day, which is a problem when I have to go to work.

I'm starting to get more used to it, but I'd still rather be too warm than too cold. There's no way to keep cold out.

2. What are your thoughts on robotporn?

I'm not sure I have any coherent ones?

Um. First off, I kind of take a Doylist approach to robotporn to begin with - I don't have extensive biological/physiological headcanon for why robots would need to have sex because my headcanon is, outside the context of porn, they don't. If I'm writing gen or PG-13-rated romance, the Transformers don't have any need for anything we'd consider sex, so they have no concept of it. To take it even further, it's also my headcanon that they don't kiss. About a third of them have no mouth or have a mouth that's not shaped in a way that's conducive to kissing, so why would something be a part of their culture if a full third of them can't do it? 

Which is not to say that they don't have emotions or can't feel love, affection, compassion, etc - they obviously can, that's canon for the most part. But that doesn't have the same biological implications for them that it does for us.

So I tend to look at robotporn through the lens of "it's porn, it's designed to make someone happy, it doesn't have to make sense from a biological perspective - unless it making sense from a biological perspective is what makes someone happy, obviously". Long debates on why X story doesn't make sense or isn't "right" tend to make me roll my eyes a bit, because at the end of the day we're talking about giant robots who have no need to be humanoid in any way and yet somehow are. There's no good reason they should even have faces, okay, I mean Shockwave seems to get on fine without one, and yet most of them have a recognizable human face and body. Bickering about how they'd have sex is kind of silly.

As far as personal preference,  I tend to be more of a plug-and-play and sparksex fan than a sticky fan - again, not because I think sticky makes any less sense, but because even on human being I think dicks are kind of funny-looking and the thought of a robot having one just sticking out of their pelvic area goes too far into the "unintentionally humorous" territory for me.

3. Favorite historical period?

Aesthetically, probably the Roccoco/Regency period, because everything was just so giant and outsized that imitating, twisting, remixing, and updating it is a lot of fun. I'd never want to have to wear all of that (especially since everyone probably smelled terrible and did awful things to their back), but it's an interesting well to draw from, fashion-wise. Heian-era clothes from Japan are interesting to me for the same reason - there's just so much going on, with so many layers of symbols and official trappings that I can see why so many illustrations use those clothes.

As far as reading goes, I'm a little burned out on medieval-style fantasy at the moment; I tend to prefer reading stuff that takes place a little further, technologically speaking, than that. I hate to say "steampunk Victoriana" because that's such a godawful cliche I'm embarrassed for liking it, but heck, even Civil War-era or WWII-era stuff with a fantasy or science-fiction twist tends to be something I like. Just something that deviates a little from the standard swords-and-horses, you know?

And to live in - nah, I like the period I'm living in right now. I wouldn't want to go back to the past where there's no internet/available food/plumbing/means of transportation/options for a woman besides getting married and having babies, whichever is applicable.

4. Which Transformer would you send traveling with the Doctor?

Depends on which Doctor it is! In general, I feel like the science-oriented bots - Wheeljack, Perceptor, Skyfire etc - would get the most out of it, but the more violent/rambunctious ones would be funnier, so it depends on how I'm feeling.

As far as the individual Doctor's, I'd definitely send One off with TFP Wheeljack, since One is still a young Doctor who's very resistant to authority and treasuring of his own freedom above almost everything else - it's only after he meets Ian and Barbara that he starts to give a damn about people who aren't him and his granddaughter. The wanderer Wheeljack who won't stay anywhere, even with one of his closest friends, would understand that.

Two needs a hippie Bot as his companion - TFA Prowl, or BW Rhinox (discounting Beast Machines!Rhinox, though) , or G1 Beachcomber. Someone a little more mellow, since Two is at kind of the happiest time of his life and he could use someone who could just be happy seeing the universe with him.

Three's era has all these issues surrounding identity and maintaining his sense of self and freedom when he's been mind-wiped and tied down to Earth, so I feel like he and Rodimus (and Roddi's issues with being thrust into the role of Prime without necessarily wanting it) would get along really well. Heck, I'd even be entertained at the thought of him interacting with Galvatron, since they've both been forcibly remade into someone they don't necessarily want to be. Provided the latter of them was, you know, somehow restrained and not killing everybody.

After that I stop having specific matches for the Old Who Doctors, though it'd amuse me to see amnesiac!Orion Pax wandering around lost with amnesiac!Eight.

Nine would work well with TFA!Ratchet, mostly because they're almost the same person, except that while Nine's layers of angst go from "flip and sarcastic" to "grouchy and sad" to "hurt and scarred" to "caring and self-sacrificing", Ratchet skips over the "flip and sarcastic" bit and goes straight to grouchyland. But other than that, I even have a similar sad/creepy scene where they locate the person who made their lives hell and decide to hurt them back. It works!

Can't decide who I'd send in for Ten, but Eleven should travel with TFP!Arcee. It's a self-loathing party and everyone's invited! 

5. Favorite vegetable?

Asparagus! It's so substantial and smoky-tasting. It's absolutely divine grilled. Or baked in olive oil and salt.

Do mushrooms count as a vegetable even though they're a fungus? Because those are my second-favorite.

6. What kind of pen or pencil do you prefer to write with?

Mechanical pencil all the way. :D Usually .7 lead. I don't have to worry about sharpening them and they 're light enough to erase easily. Now I just have to break the habit of drawing with them.

7. Fractions or decimals?

Decimals. That actually tells me how much is there instead of making me pull some long division just to figure out what you're talking about! 

6. I have some other stuff I guess but I've been typing this entry for far too long. See you later flisters.


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