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stunt_muppet ([personal profile] stunt_muppet) wrote2011-12-12 01:54 am
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Yet another post-and-run-at-2.a.m. because it's all I do now apparently.

So I started setting up that Etsy shop at last. It's not very fancy; there's only a few things on it right now, you're on Etsy, maybe you'd want to go look at it?

If nothing else you can look at all my exercises in marketing-ese.

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The princess pink necklace is SO CUTE.

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I know! I got the pendant deeply discounted at Fire and Ice and I just immediately had to surround it with pink pearls. It deserved no less.

I kinda want to keep it, but I don't know if I'd have any occasion to wear it.

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You make up your own occasions! Like...every day! Just for added cutesies. :d

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Welcome aboard at Etsy! I've favorited you. ^_^

A very promising beginning - looking forward to seeing what you do with the top banner as you settle in. The necklaces are very pretty - I agree with airie_fairy on the pink one, I think that's my fave as well, though the one with the cross-like pearl seagull is pretty cool too.

Only feedbacky thing I can think of would be to brighten your photos - just go through and up the brightness and maybe tweak the contrast. Nice work!