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Just late enough to watch more TGWTG videos of cheesy horror TV shows and post a meme!

'The iPod Shuffle Meme

No, not that one. Let's be honest, when we need inspiration, the first place we go is our music library. So let's try something a little bit different. My music library is no help to me, but maybe it can be for someone else. Here's how this thing works:

1) Comment to this post, and I'll give you a prompt in the form of whatever song shuffles up next on whatever music player I've got going at the time.

2) Turn on the music player of your choice to shuffle, post this to your own journal and dole out prompts. No, you can't hide your shameful music. If it shuffles up, that's the gig.

3) Write/draw/whatever way you create for the prompt you've been given: post it. Again, no hiding the shame. Even if you think it's awful, post it.

4) Link your finished product to the prompt comment, because it's always lovely to see the results.'

I may skip a song if I can't find a YouTube link, since then I won't have a convenient way to link you to the music! 

Alas, I have not finished my own prompt because I am still slow. But again! Day off tomorrow. If I don't spend it napping (which I might) I may do some writing! Or just waste time on the internet, y'know.

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I've been drawing and writing rather than posting anything. Oh, and surviving in the wonderful world of retail and its many cold germs.

...I had a cold three weeks ago, I've got another one now, and in between I had an eye infection, okay, I'm kind of pissed off.

So, in regards to the writing, would anyone be willing to beta a first draft of the first chapter of the Big Huge Crazy AU? I'd kind of like to finish at least two chapters before I start posting so this doesn't become a deadfic (although I did some writing on the second chapter of No Victims Only Volunteers today! I really really did!), but a lot of it was either freewritten or practically dragged out of my brain with a winch and cable, so I need to be sure it makes sense and I didn't muddle up my tenses again.

It's probably going to be about 2000 words when the first chapter's finished, TFA, post-S3, gen but dark. Would anyone be willing to beta?

Ugh, I hate head colds so much. *crawls through piles of tissues*
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1. Write a whole bunch of John/Karkat specifically to piss everyone off.

Hey, hey, fandom, come over here I have something really exciting to tell you. Are you listening? Are you ready for it because I think you aren't it might just blow your mind right out of your face.

Ready okay here it is:

There is no such thing as an inherently bad pairing. Or an inherently good one, for that matter. There is no intrinsic moral or utilitarian worth to be had in any pairing given that they're all just ideas/devices for us to have fun with a media source on the internet. You don't have to like any particular pairing, but your feelings about them do not make them good or bad.

Now shut up and sit down and stop throwing fits about it. Cripes.

2. Sign up for Yuletide. Last time I tried that I defaulted and I'm pathologically incapable of doing much of anything on a deadline so it's pretty well covered why it'd be a bad idea to sign up for Yuletide but it always seems like so much fun and I am a greedy bastard who likes getting presents. :(

Plus, last time I signed up the fandoms I volunteered for (and the one I ended up getting assigned) included the movie The Fall, which is so unceasingly flawless that when I tried to write for it I tied myself in knots trying to construct Meaningful Symbolic Magical Realist Blather that equalled the unbearable perfection that is The Fall and predictably enough didn't get anywhere.

If I was going to sign up this time, I would sign up for movies like Van Helsing and Priest, because yes, there's a category for the Priest movie. The thing is, much as I enjoyed them, both of those movies were complete bollocks that I went to see mainly because there were pretty people in them. I would feel much less pressure writing for them.

Although I suppose if I wrote for Priest the recipient might expect me to know things about the manhwa and I really don't, so...

Also the Gabriel Knight games are on there and if I had played the last one I would sign up just to write that, MORE GABRIEL KNIGHT LOVE YEAAAH.  

3. Make some icons out of the pile of fanart I've right-click-saved from Tumblr. Oh wait I already did that.

Six Homestuck (mostly Equius and Equius <> Nepeta), 5 Transformers Animated (Sari, human!Wasp, Blackarachnia), and one random humanized Pinkie Pie because I can. Oh, and one Tarman from Return of the Living Dead, because the picture was funny.

Icons! )

Don't make fun of my amateur icon skills. :(

4. Join Tumblr, for that matter, given that about a third of LJ seems to have moved there. Where are you gu~ys?

But I'd feel weird being on Tumblr - there's no real way to post fic or blog on there, you just have to reblog from other blogs, and I can't figureout how one's supposed to hold a conversation of any kind. Also it seems to be primarily fanart focused and while I've been going to the open model sessions at our local arts center I'm still not good enough to have any kind of consistent offering.

5. Spend an hour on the computer making a post when I should be doing something productive like cleaning my room or getting ready for work.

Music:: "Savior of the Dreaming Dead" - Homestuck Vol. 7
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I had a cleverer title but I forgot it.[Poll #1792990]

2. If I named a fic (or a chapter of a fic) "Faaip de Oiad", how many people, approximately, would know what I was talking about?

I do on occasion hate the small reference pools fandom can inspire.

(It's Enochian for "voice of God", and a track on the Tool album Lateralus that samples a hoax caller to the Art Bell radio show. You can hear it here!)

Anyway I'd been tossing it around as a name for the Holy War AU on the occasion that I ever actually write the damn thing which looks increasingly unlikely, but there was one time back in middle school when I suggested a friend name one of her fis something in Italian and she ended up getting no readers because everyone thought the fic was in Italian. But I suppose if you don't know the reference, "Faaip de Oiad" just sounds like a nonsense phrase.

3. Hot damn does Homestuck make me want to start drawing again. I mean, Transformers makes me want to draw again too, but I have an excuse for being bad at it because they're all robots and I've never drawn robots before. (Except that most of the fanart I want to draw is of the humans trololo) And now all the characters here are humanoid, or at least most of them are, and as such I've got no excuse.

I feel like I almost need to go back to drawing because writing has become so listless and chore-like lately, like "Nobody likes what you write and you write boring crap nobody cares about and in a few years it'll all be useless because this isn't getting you a career or doing anything productive with your time bluh bluh", that kind of feeling. Drawing is still by that criterion a waste of time, but at least it's a waste of time that more people seem to be responsive to and thus more willing to give my sad ass validation. What with Tumblr and the fandoms I'm in being cartoons/comics (and thus imitable in artwork, whereas real-life people are harder to do fanart for), I seem to be in a more and more visually-oriented corner of fandom and sometimes I can't help feeling like I'm being left behind.

And yet every time I even try drawing it all ends up looking stiff and stilted and unrealistic and I get frustrated and scribble over it and YOU GUYS MAKE IT LOOK SO FUCKING EASY I CAN'T EVEN. *pouts*

Any...advice, I guess, on how to get better? Or at least not feel like crap about being bad at it and post it anyway?

4. What makes up for my lack of drawing skills is the fact that over the weekend I have made some incredibly kickass jewelry and I am gonna post pictures in the next couple of days and you are all going to be wildly jealous or something.

5.  Fandom seems determined to make me want things I thought I didn't even like. Oh, you don't like enemy ships/FoeYay? Surprise, Doctor/Master! Now you do*. Oh, you say that doesn't count because they were so polite to each other when they were Three and Delgado? Have some TF Prime Optimus/Megatron. Changed your mind? Oh, and you know how you were talking about not liking doomed and unhappy ships? I brought you some Animated!Optimus/Sentinel/Elita. Now you do.

What's that? Pseudo-incest doesn't bother you but biological incest ships aren't your bag? Surprise Dave/Rose motherfucker.

I am almost afraid to state out loud that I don't like furry or vore or other fringe stuff because I'm terrified of fandom somehow twisting itself around to prove me wrong and I don't want to like them.

*Of course, if I'm really looking back into my fannish history, even before I got into Doctor Who I still shipped CSI: Miami Horatio/Stetler really hard. But then again, Miami was kind of weird. don't get to judge me, okay.

6. So, lets say a hypothetical fan who was definitely not me was writing a Transformers fic with the original thirteen Primes in them. And when she started writing it, there were only a few Primes named, and while there was talk of there being one female Prime she wasn't actually named yet. So this fan picked a new name for her Prime (Volta) and went about her fannish day without ever actually writing this damn fic.

Fast forward maybe a year or so. The list of Primes is much more complete, and the name of the one lady, Solus, is now public knowledge. And it's pretty official that she's the only girl.

Does the hypothetical writer who is in no way me:

a) Change the name from Volta to Solus, even though that requires a little more canonical justification?
b) say "fuck it" and keep the "second" female Prime because screw that, let's have us More Ladies?

7. Ravens, what are you doing, how do you blow a lead like that? :(

8. Aaaand I didn't do my homework again. Bleh. Do it tomorrow. I had a busy busy week last week and I have earned the right to goof off this weekend.
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I'm actually finished studying for the night, but I should probably be in bed. But first, another meaningless poll as to what I should be working on next once this test is over, since I've got a lot of unfinished stuff and I can't decide.[Poll #1783689]
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In fairness it's because I'm doing laundry and had run out of undergarments.

Anyway, another meme going around the flist, because I like saying nice things to people:

Post a comment, and I will reply with a reason why I think you're great. In return, you might like to post this same meme on your blog and comment for other people. Circle of positivity!

Also, you know a canon really has a dearth of women when you're trying to do a "Five Girls [X Character] Hasn't Kissed"-type scenario and you can only think of three people to pair her up with. And two of them aren't even in the same series.

Yes, I wanted to do something like that for my next Miko fic. Don't worry, it's all wholesome and nonsexual and stuff. Of course, now that I'm in my twenties it feels wrong and perverse writing a sixteen-year-old in a romance of any sort, even if in most of the ficlets she's aged-up. I know that people have boyfriends and girlfriends when they're even younger than sixteen, but, still.

Thus far, I have her paired up with Sierra, Sari, and Mikaela, the last two in future or post-robocalyptic scenarios, but after that I'm fresh out of ideas short of a Doctor Who crossover. Looks like a picspam instead.
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Maybe if I do some memes my head will stop hurting. And my homework will disappear. It's a thought.

Ganked from all over the flist:

Give me a character name (and an 'verse*, if relevant) and I'll write you a drabble about how they lost their virginity**.

*Which can be a canon 'verse, an AU I've written, or something you made up on the spot but think I might actually have something to say about.

**For many possible values of 'virginity', 'lost', and 'drabble', depending on the character, situation, or my whim.

And another, although I'm not sure I understand it or what we're meant to do with it:

"If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach." Alfred Hitchcock

If I wrote a story today, what would the readers immediately look for? Original story or fanfic, either way.

Back to labs, dum de dum.


ETA: And now Mom's watching Blade Runner and it's got the damn voiceover on it. I saw the uncut version first and I did not realize how frakking horrible that voiceover is. Ugh. Take it away.
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So you know how I've been blithering about The Silver Lining, the fan sequel to the King's Quest series, a.k.a. my nerdy little PC-gaming childhood. 

A bit of backstory: At the end of King's Quest 6, Prince Alexander (the player character, a prince who was kidnapped at a young age and was only recently returned to his real family) gets married to Cassima, a princess he rescued over the course of the game (because this is, indeed, an amalgamation of fairy tales). At the end of King's Quest 7, Rosella married (sort of) the prince Edgar.

During The Silver Lining (during which Alexander and Rosella are, at some point, in peril), King Graham (Alexander and Rosella's father) talks with Edgar about Alexander. Edgar recounts wandering out on the beach at night and finding Alexander going for a swim, spotting scarring on his back.

Edgar: I turned to leave, but he asked me to stay.
The Let's Player: Oh, I don't like where this is going...
Me: Yeah, that kind of does sound like the start of a slash fic.

..., fuck.

I do wish I could occasionally turn off the shipping googles, because this is exactly the kind of sweet, quiet scene I love between characters, but I can't help thinking that if they weren't in-laws and I didn't adore both their canon spouses so much I'd be all over this.

That said, once I got over that little inconvenience, oh my god was I feeling the sweet hum of nostalgia during that scene. I mean, the characters were vivid and well-voice-acted in the games themselves, but we never got this kind of backstory directly (it was always implied through narration), and it's just so wonderful having all these characters back and a whole new story and new dialogue and new adventures and everything, oh I love this game so much.


In other Horrible Person news, you know you've reached some kind of nadir in your writing 'career' when you have to worry that you've unintentionally ripped off Human Centipede.

...not in the most obvious way, though. I'm not nearly that depraved yet. One day I'll write something normal, doo dee doo.


Keepin' writing, keepin' writing. I kind of wasted today watching videos and doing a little bit of e-mailing, which is sort of terrible of me as well since I've got crap I'm meant to be doing.
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Note that since I came up with most of these I've seen other people put forward the same theories, but I arrived at them more or less on my own, so. Yeah. For what that's worth.

Spoilers for the most recent episodes of Doctor Who, Transformers Prime, and Generator Rex behind the cut. )

Oh, and one other thing: there's a reviewer on TGWTG now called Oancitizen who reviews oddball arthouse cinema like Antichrist, Nine Songs, and Jan Svankmajer's Alice (with the gruesomest, most inappropriate bits censored, so no fear). I don't know if any of you out there have the same disproportionate love for Euroschlocky weirdness, but if you are, well, take a looksee. 

And now it's 2 a.m. again so I should go to bed. Curse my late-night habits.
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