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Honestly, not much has been happening that I'd talk about here! I haven't managed much writing (or at least I haven't managed to finish anything), I've drawn on occasion, I've piddled around on a fanmix and tried to work on a vid...nothing really complete or definitive. I've also been working more hours at my shop, which is good because it means I've been able to accrue some savings but also means not as much fannish downtime.

So...partly popping in to say I'm still alive, yeah. I've been commenting more than updating, and I've been more active on Tumblr because it lets me post pictures of puppies and pretend it's content, but there are also memes and stuff to do. I'm slowly going through all the meme backlogs on this journal and trying to finish them up for completeness' sake.

Also I've been spending an absurd amount of timing reading Homestuck. And reading about Homestuck. Time Sink Award Winner right there.

So, things:

1. If Movie: The Movie is not a Yuletide fandom by this December I will be disappointed in Fandom At Large.

2. contemplating getting into Mass Effect? And I fully admit that this is down mostly to the pile of awesome fanart, and also Garrus and Legion who look really cool. And also the prospect of Sheppard/Garrus, because I'm just horrendously predictable that way. Really, the only thing that stopped me from seeing if my computer was up for it on Steam was hearing certain spoilers regarding the ending of ME3 that I am not sure I am down with. Maybe I can just play the first two and leave it there?

There's also the point that I want to support BioWare after they basically told homophobic gamers to GTFO after someone complained about the m/m romances in Dragon Age. I'd like more game companies to do that! It'd be nice. Maybe I could play Dragon Age instead? Hmm.

3. I've been beading! A lot, actually, though mostly simple stuff. Here, have some pictures!

Pictures! )
You can find most of these (save for the paper beads, which I'm not finished with yet) on my etsy page if you'd like to wear them for yourself! Or just look at more pictures.

4. I always want to write fic based on my fannish dreams and then I remember that a) nobody cares about other people's dreams and b) the whole reason they're dreams is that even in context they don't make a whole lot of sense.

...It was a Generator Rex dream wherein Noah had to go on a mission to the bottom of the ocean for some reason but then his radio cut off and no one knew where he was so Six went down after him, busted through the ocean floor, ended up in a grey lobby with someone who was either Death or one of Death's assistants and then dived out a window into a featureless void. And after that I had to leave for some reason (because the whole thing was something I was watching on a movie screen) and when I came back no one else in the theater would tell me what happened. My dream projections are dicks. :(

5. A meme answer! From [personal profile] caiusmajor , one of those seven-questions things wherein you comment asking for questions and I ask you things for you to post.

Cut for length and discussion of robotporn. )

6. I have some other stuff I guess but I've been typing this entry for far too long. See you later flisters.

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I've been drawing and writing rather than posting anything. Oh, and surviving in the wonderful world of retail and its many cold germs.

...I had a cold three weeks ago, I've got another one now, and in between I had an eye infection, okay, I'm kind of pissed off.

So, in regards to the writing, would anyone be willing to beta a first draft of the first chapter of the Big Huge Crazy AU? I'd kind of like to finish at least two chapters before I start posting so this doesn't become a deadfic (although I did some writing on the second chapter of No Victims Only Volunteers today! I really really did!), but a lot of it was either freewritten or practically dragged out of my brain with a winch and cable, so I need to be sure it makes sense and I didn't muddle up my tenses again.

It's probably going to be about 2000 words when the first chapter's finished, TFA, post-S3, gen but dark. Would anyone be willing to beta?

Ugh, I hate head colds so much. *crawls through piles of tissues*
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There's like five writing memes going around and I would like to do them!

Two pinched from[personal profile] spacehussy:

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, you'll get talking about writing, and the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

A ha ha ha like anything will make me finish stuff but it's worth a shot.

WIPs! Lots of them! In Doctor Who, Transformers Animated, Transformers Prime, and Homestuck fandoms, plus an origfic! )


And the other meme: If there was a kinky scenario you could request me to write, what would it be? Please be as specific as possible reasonably specific without going onto pagelong kinkmeme-prompt lengths.

No promises, but, hey. I always like to see what people would like for me to write. Or like to see written.

Not that I don't have bajillions of prompts to write already. Um.

The other meme tomorrow, maybe, as it is quite late and I am tired.
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I had a cleverer title but I forgot it.[Poll #1792990]

2. If I named a fic (or a chapter of a fic) "Faaip de Oiad", how many people, approximately, would know what I was talking about?

I do on occasion hate the small reference pools fandom can inspire.

(It's Enochian for "voice of God", and a track on the Tool album Lateralus that samples a hoax caller to the Art Bell radio show. You can hear it here!)

Anyway I'd been tossing it around as a name for the Holy War AU on the occasion that I ever actually write the damn thing which looks increasingly unlikely, but there was one time back in middle school when I suggested a friend name one of her fis something in Italian and she ended up getting no readers because everyone thought the fic was in Italian. But I suppose if you don't know the reference, "Faaip de Oiad" just sounds like a nonsense phrase.

3. Hot damn does Homestuck make me want to start drawing again. I mean, Transformers makes me want to draw again too, but I have an excuse for being bad at it because they're all robots and I've never drawn robots before. (Except that most of the fanart I want to draw is of the humans trololo) And now all the characters here are humanoid, or at least most of them are, and as such I've got no excuse.

I feel like I almost need to go back to drawing because writing has become so listless and chore-like lately, like "Nobody likes what you write and you write boring crap nobody cares about and in a few years it'll all be useless because this isn't getting you a career or doing anything productive with your time bluh bluh", that kind of feeling. Drawing is still by that criterion a waste of time, but at least it's a waste of time that more people seem to be responsive to and thus more willing to give my sad ass validation. What with Tumblr and the fandoms I'm in being cartoons/comics (and thus imitable in artwork, whereas real-life people are harder to do fanart for), I seem to be in a more and more visually-oriented corner of fandom and sometimes I can't help feeling like I'm being left behind.

And yet every time I even try drawing it all ends up looking stiff and stilted and unrealistic and I get frustrated and scribble over it and YOU GUYS MAKE IT LOOK SO FUCKING EASY I CAN'T EVEN. *pouts*

Any...advice, I guess, on how to get better? Or at least not feel like crap about being bad at it and post it anyway?

4. What makes up for my lack of drawing skills is the fact that over the weekend I have made some incredibly kickass jewelry and I am gonna post pictures in the next couple of days and you are all going to be wildly jealous or something.

5.  Fandom seems determined to make me want things I thought I didn't even like. Oh, you don't like enemy ships/FoeYay? Surprise, Doctor/Master! Now you do*. Oh, you say that doesn't count because they were so polite to each other when they were Three and Delgado? Have some TF Prime Optimus/Megatron. Changed your mind? Oh, and you know how you were talking about not liking doomed and unhappy ships? I brought you some Animated!Optimus/Sentinel/Elita. Now you do.

What's that? Pseudo-incest doesn't bother you but biological incest ships aren't your bag? Surprise Dave/Rose motherfucker.

I am almost afraid to state out loud that I don't like furry or vore or other fringe stuff because I'm terrified of fandom somehow twisting itself around to prove me wrong and I don't want to like them.

*Of course, if I'm really looking back into my fannish history, even before I got into Doctor Who I still shipped CSI: Miami Horatio/Stetler really hard. But then again, Miami was kind of weird. don't get to judge me, okay.

6. So, lets say a hypothetical fan who was definitely not me was writing a Transformers fic with the original thirteen Primes in them. And when she started writing it, there were only a few Primes named, and while there was talk of there being one female Prime she wasn't actually named yet. So this fan picked a new name for her Prime (Volta) and went about her fannish day without ever actually writing this damn fic.

Fast forward maybe a year or so. The list of Primes is much more complete, and the name of the one lady, Solus, is now public knowledge. And it's pretty official that she's the only girl.

Does the hypothetical writer who is in no way me:

a) Change the name from Volta to Solus, even though that requires a little more canonical justification?
b) say "fuck it" and keep the "second" female Prime because screw that, let's have us More Ladies?

7. Ravens, what are you doing, how do you blow a lead like that? :(

8. Aaaand I didn't do my homework again. Bleh. Do it tomorrow. I had a busy busy week last week and I have earned the right to goof off this weekend.
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So while I've been doing labs (which is why I haven't posted most of this week, that and having not much of anything to say), I've been listening to/watching back episodes of Brows Held High. And then some of Diamanda Hagen's reviews as well, which cover much more pulp and kitsch.

Between those three, I've had no less than three (contains flashing lights) weird, graphic indie films that explore the connection between sex and Communist revolution. And in some cases equate the two. Oh, and two of them were made in the former Yugoslavia. (The videos are all censored, though still not very worksafe, and are still rather interesting watches if only for a glimpse at these peculiar movies and the movements they represented.)

And, because the proper response to political art films is to write fanfic about children's shows, I ended up thinking about this.

Contains spoilers for the TFP finale and also communism. )

There are only two conclusions I can reach here:

1) I watch some weird fucking movies.
2) I'm in some weird fucking fandoms.
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This is another one of those times when I spent all day on the internet, finally got something written, and then decided, fuck it, I'm just gonna finish this no matter how late it gets, deadlines are a-commin'. Which is why I'm up at 1 on a school night again. I'm making a note here, Muppet: huge success.

Anyway, because I only managed the one fic for my week of Miko love for ,[ profile] womenlovefest I figured I could at least post some mroe stuff by the end of September (when posting "closes"). It's not finished, yeah, but it's started and I know where it's going.

I'm gonna link to it on the main post in the morning, though; no sense staying up later than I have to.

Title: Joyride
Fandom: Transformers Prime (with crossovers with Animated, G1, and Bayverse)
Characters/Pairings: Miko Nakadai/Sierra (this chapter); future crossover characters listed in their respective chapters. 
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1257 (this chapter)
Content Advisories: Mild romance; references to offscreen violence (futurechapters); AU
Summary: Or, five girls Miko hasn't kissed.
Notes: Written (belatedly) for [ profile] womenlovefest. WIP, unbetaed.


Joyride )

Crossposted in the morning, y'all.

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It's still the 9th for ten whole minutes dammit.

Anyway, this is the first day of my [ profile] womenlovefest weeklong Miko Nakadai love-a-thon, and I decided I would put together a quick little ficlet based on an idea I'd been tossing around. Perhaps something that takes a little more time tomorrow? A picspam or some icons?

Title: The Beast That Shouted "I" At the Heart of the World
Fandom: Transformers: Prime
Characters: Miko Nakadai
Rating: G
Word Count: 560
Content Advisories: Spoilers for "One Shall Fall", and speculation for the following episodes.
Summary: She's never been able to recapture that feeling. Not till now.
Notes: Written for the first day of the week-long [ profile] womenlovefest. Title shamelessly nicked from the final episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, though this hopefully won't be nearly as confusing. Not betaed; so sorry. :(


The Beast That Shouted I At the Heart of the World )


I should get a TF: Prime icon if I'm going to be ficcing it, I suppose.

And yes, replies were on hold until I finished this thing.
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posted by [personal profile] stunt_muppet at 01:30am on 25/08/2011 under ,
So mostly I've ben cleaning my room, which is making me tired and ill-inclined to do anything, but I did see the latest TF Prime episode.

Spoilers! )

And now I'm tired and have to go to bed because I'm decrepit, but before I do, in the process of room-cleaning I found four unused sketchbooks and two packs of graphite sketch pencils in the mess I live in. I know most of you draw on the computer, but I'm going to give them away anyway. Anyone want them?
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So I'm going to have a busy day tomorrow, which means I had to get my [ profile] tf_rare_pairing  Monthly Challenge Fic finished tonight, which means I started with the germ of a good idea a few days ago and spent the next few days smacking my head against a wall because the thing just wasn't happening. Oh good, I'd forgotten when writing was frustrating and horrible.

Also using a character nobody knows about from a single panel of a twenty-year-old comic, trololo. One day I'll write fic someone might actually want to read. Through I suppose the next things on the to-write list are kinkmeme requests and memes so technically someone must want to read those.

Also I am total crap at writing any Megatron ever, of course. *grump*

Title: Chosen
Fandom: Transformers (Prime/Exodus/War for Cybertron and Marvel Comics, with bits of Bayverse and G1 Cartoon thrown in for flavor)
Characters/Pairings: Megatron (Prime)/Liege Maximo
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,200
Content Advisories: None needed
Summary: Your lord would not have you a slave.
Prompt: June 12, felix culpa
Notes: Written for the June Challenge at [ profile] tf_rare_pairing . Takes place shortly after "Shadowzone" in TF: Prime continuity.


Chosen )


It's not nearly as late as it usually is when I post these things! Yeah.
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Note that since I came up with most of these I've seen other people put forward the same theories, but I arrived at them more or less on my own, so. Yeah. For what that's worth.

Spoilers for the most recent episodes of Doctor Who, Transformers Prime, and Generator Rex behind the cut. )

Oh, and one other thing: there's a reviewer on TGWTG now called Oancitizen who reviews oddball arthouse cinema like Antichrist, Nine Songs, and Jan Svankmajer's Alice (with the gruesomest, most inappropriate bits censored, so no fear). I don't know if any of you out there have the same disproportionate love for Euroschlocky weirdness, but if you are, well, take a looksee. 

And now it's 2 a.m. again so I should go to bed. Curse my late-night habits.
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