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Today is my day off work after several days of helping with floor moves (translation: hauling heavy merch around to revamp the store layout). I am a bit knackered after all that and don't feel like doing much. 

There are people renovating my bathroom, so ideally I should be out of my house so's I can get out of their way.

There are four things I could do here:

1. Something responsible, like go out with my dad and car shop because my baby is, unfortunately, starting to have engine trouble that will cost more than she does. As much as it breaks my heart not to have her, it's probably time.

(Of course, Dad also insists that my next car be one with a manual transmission, which I barely know how to drive. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, but those times in between that I spend stalling it trying to get it out of the driveway are not going to be fun.)

2. Do something equally responsible but homebound, like insurance paperwork or trying to clear some of the mountain of paper and crap out of my room, because god knows that's an ongoing effort.

3. Bugger off to the bead shop (which is 45 minutes away) and gaze covetously at more beads I don't need. And also ask the folks working there if they know a way to seal paper beads without getting some expensive enameling, because I've got a sheet of wrapping paper that is way too pretty to throw out but I don't want to buy a whole big tub of UTEE if I'm only going to use it once.

4. Try to write. Because, you know, that's gone great over the past few weeks. (Hint: No it hasn't.)

On the one hand, having more hours at work means I've got more financial leeway, but it means on my days off I'm way more tempted to just tear off for the malls or the movies.

I have done some drawing, though! I'll get pictures up later tonight, probably.

Also I haven't been journaling very much have I. I'm still alive! Hi.

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So while I've been doing labs (which is why I haven't posted most of this week, that and having not much of anything to say), I've been listening to/watching back episodes of Brows Held High. And then some of Diamanda Hagen's reviews as well, which cover much more pulp and kitsch.

Between those three, I've had no less than three (contains flashing lights) weird, graphic indie films that explore the connection between sex and Communist revolution. And in some cases equate the two. Oh, and two of them were made in the former Yugoslavia. (The videos are all censored, though still not very worksafe, and are still rather interesting watches if only for a glimpse at these peculiar movies and the movements they represented.)

And, because the proper response to political art films is to write fanfic about children's shows, I ended up thinking about this.

Contains spoilers for the TFP finale and also communism. )

There are only two conclusions I can reach here:

1) I watch some weird fucking movies.
2) I'm in some weird fucking fandoms.
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Except quick, guys, I need suggestions for the Etsy shop that me and [ profile] pixxistixx4me are gonna set up. It's gonna be a combination of my jewelry, her jewelry (which she doesn't have pictures of up but is a combination beadwork, silverwork, and enameling) and the occasional vintage/antique stuff that my coworker has given me to sell

Names? Something memorable yet catchy? I'm just completely out of ideas and I need to just set the shop up and get these dolls/necklaces/boxes out of my room.
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It is twelve frakking thirty.

I have not done my homework.

Someone please explain to me why I'm still up reading AdFreak.


So I figured I'd link to a few of my personal favorite things that I've found trawling the AdFreak archives (which, in case the title didn't tip you off, is about advertising at its best and worst):

1. I don't know if you all remember the Darth Vader Volkswagon ad and how unspeakably adorable it is, but you might want to rewatch it just in case you forgot.

2. To promote the movie Contagion, which is about a plague that kills everyone, Warner Brothers Canada made a bilboard out of (harmless) bacteria. I...will probably never see Contagion, because even the trailers send me into a fit of (nonserious) germophobic hysteria, but that is an innovative and very fun ad right there.

3. This is another one that I'm pretty sure everyone has seen but I don't actually care. You know the trailer for the (IMO somewhat unnecessary but let's not get into that) American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? The Muppets have their own version now. How is it possible that I only love the Muppets more as I grow up.

Also, the version of "Immigrant Song" in the trailer is by Trent Reznor and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and while I am normally morally opposed to covers of Led Zeppelin songs it does sound pretty cool.

4. Willie Nelson covers Coldplay's "The Scientist" for an animated short film by Chipotle supporting sustainable farming. While the film's message does come across a bit...odd (Save the adorable little cartoon piggies! So you can put them on your burritos later!), the cover is emotional and heartfelt - more so than the original in my opinion, although that largely depends on your taste for both Coldplay and Willie Nelson.

5. TRIGGER WARNING, may be triggering or upsetting to those with family members who suffered in the Holocaust. )

6. On a much lighter note, an adorable girl and her equally adorable teddy bears expertly pop and lock for Chocolate Weetabix. I want this to become a flash mob.

7. Also, puppies.

Okay now I really am going to bed. Good night/morning/whatever, flist. Hope I can not skip class tomorrow like the deadbeat I am. D:
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So you know how I've been blithering about The Silver Lining, the fan sequel to the King's Quest series, a.k.a. my nerdy little PC-gaming childhood. 

A bit of backstory: At the end of King's Quest 6, Prince Alexander (the player character, a prince who was kidnapped at a young age and was only recently returned to his real family) gets married to Cassima, a princess he rescued over the course of the game (because this is, indeed, an amalgamation of fairy tales). At the end of King's Quest 7, Rosella married (sort of) the prince Edgar.

During The Silver Lining (during which Alexander and Rosella are, at some point, in peril), King Graham (Alexander and Rosella's father) talks with Edgar about Alexander. Edgar recounts wandering out on the beach at night and finding Alexander going for a swim, spotting scarring on his back.

Edgar: I turned to leave, but he asked me to stay.
The Let's Player: Oh, I don't like where this is going...
Me: Yeah, that kind of does sound like the start of a slash fic.

..., fuck.

I do wish I could occasionally turn off the shipping googles, because this is exactly the kind of sweet, quiet scene I love between characters, but I can't help thinking that if they weren't in-laws and I didn't adore both their canon spouses so much I'd be all over this.

That said, once I got over that little inconvenience, oh my god was I feeling the sweet hum of nostalgia during that scene. I mean, the characters were vivid and well-voice-acted in the games themselves, but we never got this kind of backstory directly (it was always implied through narration), and it's just so wonderful having all these characters back and a whole new story and new dialogue and new adventures and everything, oh I love this game so much.


In other Horrible Person news, you know you've reached some kind of nadir in your writing 'career' when you have to worry that you've unintentionally ripped off Human Centipede.

...not in the most obvious way, though. I'm not nearly that depraved yet. One day I'll write something normal, doo dee doo.


Keepin' writing, keepin' writing. I kind of wasted today watching videos and doing a little bit of e-mailing, which is sort of terrible of me as well since I've got crap I'm meant to be doing.
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What is this.

And why have I just replayed it ten times.



There is all kinds of fic rambling I want to do right now but I should probably actually write the fics I am rambling about instead. It'd help if I'd stop getting distracted by fourteen-second videos.

/drive-by post
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1. One of our local indie theaters is showing the entirety of Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle, a five-movie...something-or-other that is supposedly about change and differentiation and the parallels between fetal development and human potentiality. Or something.  I've been curious about it ever since the last movie in the cycle came out a couple of years; even when I don't understand it (and I usually don't) I find the images involved, and the seeming gulf between the images presented and what the artist is trying to say, fascinating, not to mention I just like to mull over the images and symbols themselves. I don't know why, but I've never been able to dismiss the more opaque modes of art.

Adding more urgency to my decision on weather or not to go see the films is the fact that they're only showing for about a week and they're not available on DVD unless you're willing to pony up half a million dollars for the super-special art-critics-only box set. And I'm not. So this is probably the only chance I'd get to witness this weirdness for myself and pass my own judgment on it. On the other hand, that's five movies in one day - I think the cycle goes from 1:00 p.m. to 7 or 8 p.m. Granted, it's shown in parts - Part 1, then Parts 2 and 3 together, then Parts 4 and 5. Technically, I could see 1, 2, and 3 one day and then 4 and 5 the next. But that's still almost forty dollars that, in truth, I probably shouldn't be spending on movies that I'd be dropping on this thing. More if I get popcorn, but these aren't really movies you can eat popcorn to.

Dammit Barney, just put them on DVD , it's not going to compromise your artistic integrity that much to let us plebes see it.

2. Speaking of movies, over the weekend my uncle took me to see It's Kind of a Funny Story, which I enjoyed - I'm ashamed to admit it did hit just a bit close to home, but I also thought it was pretty good about finding the humor in its situations without actually making fun of the patients' problems. It was more about seeing the humor in a sometimes sad situation instead of "ha ha look at the freaks, isn't it so strange that people act like that?", if that makes any sense.

Cut for rambling about depression and stuff. )

3. M, J, and I went strolling in Downtown today, since the downtown area near where I'm catsitting is actually very interesting and vibrant and has a bunch of galleries and niche shops for every conceivable interest. And we spent a lot of time just walking and talking and being ridiculous, which is what I like to do when I'm with M and J. And on the way there, before they arrived, I found a tiny little comic book shop. It was literally one room, which I do believe was smaller than even my smallest college dorm. I think it might have been a tiny bit bigger than the campus singles, though it was jammed tight full of books and the bookshelves that contained them, so that probably made it look a lot smaller than it was.

But anyway, I tried mightily to resist buying All The Comics, but I did walk out with two: Deadpool The Heroic Age (an issue of a story arc wherein Deadpool tries (with very little success) to be a good guy) and G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers Black Horizon Vol. 1, which I thought was a reboot since it was a whole new story; seeing as I had no idea where the actual G.I. Joe Vs. Transformers line began and I was vaguely aware there were two different crossover continuities, that seemed like a good place to start.

Except it turns out that it actually was part of a continuing story, not a reboot, and thus I had little idea what was going on or what people were talking about for most of the time. I've never been more grateful for an introdump. 

Also Spoilers! )

4. So I went back home over the weekend in order to do laundry and things before I went back for my second week of catsitting, and one evening my family and I sat around watching CSI: Miami, as we do sometimes.

I have spoken, before, on how the series just gets more and more over-the-top the longer it goes on, which is one of the reasons I don't watch it that much anymore. However, at one point, a very familiar siren sound went off and I, only half paying attention, declared "Oh no! They're entering Silent Hill!"

My brother, equally casually, declared "I'd watch that show."

And then I got an idea.

Cut because it's another huge crossover AU dealie. ), that was bizarre even by my own standards. D:


Why can I not even write an LJ entry unless it's 3 in the morning. THIS IS IRRITATING. Also the Ficlet Project Ficlet has broken 1000 words. I think I might have missed the point a tiny bit.
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I have a tiny kitty lying on my lap with her eyes closed, forming almost a perfect circle. For someone used to huge dogs, this is a strange feeling.

So yes, I'm catsitting at the moment. It's an odd sensation, being completely alone in a strange house and responsible for everything that happens in it; even in my dorm I had roommates and people down the hall. Now there's just neighbors and they're not always home.

The cats and I seem to be getting on pretty well, though, considering I know nothing about cats. The littlest one is basically what my dog would be like if she were a cat; she's always following me around the house and looking very hurt if I don't pet and cuddle her. The other started out a bit of a grouch but seems to be warming up to me, but he does have the slightly irritating habit of, once he does his business in the litterbox, planting himself in front of me with an expectant look, like, "Well? Aren't you going to attend to that?" Which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't do that while I was in the shower.

I have done a bit of exploring in the area, though, and walked around this lovely little old-town area, even if trying to navigate them and finding a place to park was even more frustrating than trying to drive at home.

Oh, and apparently I was incredibly smart and forgot to pack pajamas. Clearly I am all set for a life of adult responsibilities.

On a more cheerful note, I have another job interview on Thursday! It's through a contact of my mother's, and fortunately or unfortunately it's for an actual scientific position, so I have to persuade this person that I still know something about science. Which is still nerve-wracking, because what if she wants to know why I didn't get a Bio degree, or I have to tell her why I chose to drop Bio instead of English, or she starts quizzing me on my knowledge? What if she doesn't want to hire me if I told her that I couldn't handle the double major? What if she asks me for my transcript and I have to show her my two courses and low grades last semester? Oh god I hope my crappy last semester doesn't make me unhirable, I hope I hope. :(


Because my life is not really that interesting, some links:

1. Hi Sally: As you may have heard, Sally Menke, a frequent editor for Quentin Tarantino, passed away last month. When Tarantino worked on his movies, he would frequently encourage the actors to greet Sally during an outtake so she wouldn't get lonely in her editing room. Hi Sally from Inglorious Basterds and from Death Proof.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (of many films, but most recently of Inception) performs "Make 'Em Laugh" from Singin' In The Rain, live, including most of the stunts that Donald O'Connor did in the original. Which, in case you didn't know, is a lot of stunts. Including two backflips. Oh yeah.

3. A childrens' choir performs "Still Alive", a.k.a. the ending theme from Portal. So cute!

4. Speaking of cute: Returning soldiers are greeted by their dogs. Much excited barking and nuzzling ensues.

5. On a completely different tonal note: The French Doors, a creepy short film about a guy installing a set of French doors to let some light in, only to find that there's something...quite wrong with them. I found it atmospheric and interesting; give it a look if you like that sort of thing.


Ugh, being alone and unsupervised makes it even easier to stay up till arse-o-clock in the morning doing nothing at all. I should stop doing that. If I'm going to stay up late, I should at least write, but whenever I try I feel guilty for not paying attention to the cats and end up brushing them or letting them sit on my lap so I can't type.

In fact I should break this habit right now by going to bed. Ta.
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Tonight/Tomorrow evening/whenever I am next feeling tired and ill-inclined to do anything I should:[Poll #1612459]
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So to change my topic from all the complaining from the past few entries, I have a picspam!

So after my Entomology class last year, I became a bit less afraid of bugs and started to find them really fascinating. And fortunately, all the plants in my backyard, there are rather a lot of them around, including a praying mantis who appears to have been living here for several weeks! And so I decide to post pictured of him. Or her. I can't tell.

I ought to warn you up ahead, though: Contains close-up pictures of bugs, including bugs eating other bugs, and a few pictures of parasitoid wasp larvae emerging. I'll give you a head's up when they're coming.

Behind the cut! )

So. That and writing job applications have kind of been my day, as I have been inexplicably exhausted. And now this entry has been under construction for ages, and I really must finish. Good night, good night.

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