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So. I finally got a job. Kind of.

I interviewed for a small nonprofit that works with health issues for LBT women. It's an unpaid internship, mostly maintaining a database of donors and keeping up with donor requests and needs. Honestly doesn't sound all that fun, and I wouldn't even get paid, but I think I'd like working there and it seems like a small, close environment. And also it's about health issues! With underserved populations! And they also talked to me about how they like to make sure they set their interns with a job at the end of the internship.

But I also interviewed for a position at the FDA. It's paid. And they haven't gotten back to me about it yet. I haven't even filled out the application yet, because I need to go through USAJobs and finish the application. And even then I might not get it.

And then of course there's my retail job to consider. I can probably continue it for the money if I took the internship, not with the full-time job. But I don't want to turn down the internship and then not get the FDA job.

And then, of course, Mom pointed out that if I took the internship I wouldn't be able to go to school. I want to just scream at her "I don't want to go to grad school, okay, I'm only applying because you want me to and I feel like I don't have a choice, stop going on about it."

Speaking of Mom I asked her the other day if she'd be very cross with me if I failed Organic Chem and had to take it again. Her answer: "Why? You're not going to fail, are you?"

Yeah thanks Mom I'm glad you didn't answer that question that's really great.

Ugh. Everything is Orgo and everything hurts. And I'd just really love to know why I can memorize all the interrelationships in Homestuck and all the nuances of dubiously-canon robot spirituality but I can't fucking remember how an epoxide reacts.

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I'm actually finished studying for the night, but I should probably be in bed. But first, another meaningless poll as to what I should be working on next once this test is over, since I've got a lot of unfinished stuff and I can't decide.[Poll #1783689]
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Maybe if I do some memes my head will stop hurting. And my homework will disappear. It's a thought.

Ganked from all over the flist:

Give me a character name (and an 'verse*, if relevant) and I'll write you a drabble about how they lost their virginity**.

*Which can be a canon 'verse, an AU I've written, or something you made up on the spot but think I might actually have something to say about.

**For many possible values of 'virginity', 'lost', and 'drabble', depending on the character, situation, or my whim.

And another, although I'm not sure I understand it or what we're meant to do with it:

"If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach." Alfred Hitchcock

If I wrote a story today, what would the readers immediately look for? Original story or fanfic, either way.

Back to labs, dum de dum.


ETA: And now Mom's watching Blade Runner and it's got the damn voiceover on it. I saw the uncut version first and I did not realize how frakking horrible that voiceover is. Ugh. Take it away.
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You think you've come up with a fun, interesting, and meaty plotline for your Big Huge Crazy AU...

...and it turns out that a similar plotline already cropped up in an RP several months ago. Which means it's probably not as novel/interesting as you think it is.

FFFFFFffffff this is why I at least need to start keeping track of RPs, or at least bigger ones like Wake and CnC - so I don't end up looking like I'm ripping people off. I mean it's not too similar, but do I need to ask for credit or put an inspiration source in the author's notes or what?

Also I need to be addressing these envelopes why am I not doing that right now. Or at least writing if I'm not going to do that. Or any other of the dozen and a half things I've got to do. 
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Guys guys guys.

Did you know that Mark Strong is going to play Sinestro in the upcoming Green Lantern movie? Because Mark Strong is going to play Sinestro in the Green Lantern movie, which is EXTREMELY EXCITING. I hate to be all DC biased and everything but MARK STRONG GREEN LANTERN MOVIE EEEEEE.

I refuse to admit that the prospect of Ryan Reynolds wearing essentially body paint has anything at all to do with it.

Oh, and when I brought up the Green Lantern movie, my brother informed me that a lot of his classmates were puzzled that the Green Lantern in the movie wasn't a black guy. That makes me a bit happy. Though I will be a touch disappointed if John Stewart isn't in this movie, at least tangentially.

Two other brief points: 

1. Rango is a rather charming Spaghetti Western pastiche with really good voice work, a fantastic Ennio Morricone-style score,  and some beautiful animation, and I quite recommend it, particularly if you're a fan of Westerns.

Although it's pretty sad that I'm able to pick out Bill Nighy's voice, while he's using a different accent, solely by the way he pronounces his vowels. I need to get out more.

2. The first Transformers movie is on ABC right now. My mother has insisted we keep it on because she likes it, because she likes the CGI and she finds Frenzy cute.

I'm not even sure what to do with this.
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Roommate and I were sitting around this evening, around eleven-thirty, doing our respective homework with the TV on in the background, when a commercial for some sort of butter-substitute comes on. Said commercial depicts butter being spread on toast.

Me (looking up at the TV): ...I really want some toast right now.
Roomie: Hmm.
Me: Where am I going to get toast at this hour, though? I think even the Union's closed.
Roomie: Yeah, it would be.
Me: ...they might have it at IHOP.
Roomie (sitting bolt upright): Can we go to IHOP?
Me: We should!
Roomie: We should go to IHOP right now.
Me: Awesome. *fetches car keys*

Considering that this is sort of what college students are supposed to do, I haven't done nearly enough of it, but going to get pancakes at 11:30 for no real reason besides really, really wanting pancakes? So much fun. If it would not imperil my work schedule I would do it all the time.

Also pancakes. Mmmmm. I never did end up getting any toast, but pancakes are an acceptable substitute.

I feel like now that I'm (hopefully) graduating, I have to hurry up and do all the things that I should have done during my four years at college but inexplicably didn't - go to parties, go on long walks, go to the library, have movie nights, go to the little theater near campus that has leather seats and a little table for your concessions and has wine and beer among those concessions, that kind of thing. So I guess there is still a little fear/sadness there, in that I'm leaving this wonderful little town behind and I might not be able to go back, and that wherever I end up won't be as homelike. Even when I got here for the first time, it still felt homelike, so I don't even really have a point of reference for getting used to a new environment.

I must take lots of pictures of my campus. Lots and lots. But for now: graduation. I can do this. I will own this.


Bit of a linkspam:

1. I spent my study break today reading Singin' In The Rain Don/Kathy/Cosmo fic, which clearly is an amazing and wonderful thing in and of itself, but as a bonus is really wonderfully written and thoughtful and shows the three of them really building that trusting OT3 relationship rather than including it as just an isolated incident. (Warning: Adult-rated and quite long)

It makes me want to write my own OT3 fic - after I've graduated, of course. For as much as I adore OT3s I don't write them very often, because it generally takes me a very long time to set up a viable three-person relationship and if I just go for straight PWP then the mechanics are hard to work out (plus I still feel the need for pages and pages of setup to detail how the three characters involved agree to a threesome), but there are so many OT3s that I'd love to write and that generally hardly have any fic. Project!

(Seriously, I keep having to remind myself that I have schoolwork up to my armpits and thus now is not a good time for that epic-length Ben/Polly/Dodo post-series fic or that Optimus/Sentinel/Elita Academy-era fic or whatever. Two more weeks, guys.)

2. Tim Gunn of Project Runway critiques superhero costumes. Yes, really. Also there's apparently an illustration out there of him and the Iron Man suit.

Though despite my big guilty love for Project Runway in general and Tim Gunn in particular I do have to call him out for criticizing Black Canary's fishnets (or, indeed, wide fishnets in general). For shame, sir! It doesn't help that the nerd he's talking to doesn't seem at all familiar with Black Canary and parrots an old, inaccurate, and irritating argument regarding the sexualization of women in comics but I've promised I'd let up on the Serious Business for a while so I could get my life sorted out, so not going there. I respect your judgment, good sir, but on this point you are wrong.

3. So despite having a Dreamwidth account, and despite repeated Very Good Reasons why I should start actually using it, I really haven't done anything with it, mostly out of laziness rather than out of any active desire to remain exclusive to LiveJournal. What can I say, inertia is powerful.

shes_awesome, however, might be the catalyst I need to finally make the move, because it's a whole community devoted to celebrating awesome female characters via fic, art, meta, or general squee. And much as I adore [ profile] halfamoon  (and I do, a lot) it's lovely to have a place to do that all the time. And also Jo Grant/Liz Shaw/Polly Wright/Barbara Wright/Vicki Pallister/Sarah Jane Smith/the Old Who ladies in general/Sari Sumdac/Temperance Brennan/Abby Sciuto/Camille Saroyan/Angela Montenegro/everyone need some lovin' in there and who'll rattle off long lists of their awesomeness if not me. I was planning on picspamming Sari for [info]halfamoon  anyway.

So, friends with a Dreamwidth account, you might want to give that a look-see. Also, thoughts on crossposting to DW, whether I should move there, benefits of crossposting vs not crossposting, etc? I solicit your thoughts.

4. Someone on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses is doing a Let's Play of Quest 64, an old and obscure Nintendo 64 RPG that I inexplicably loved when I was wee dspite it, by any objective measure, not being at all a good game. While the Let's Player does commit a few obnoxious sins (chief among them not paying attention to the in-game tutorials on combat, not reading the game documentation, and then complaining that the game failed to hold his hand with regards to how to use the magic system - look, it's not the game's fault you can't be arsed to read the directions, if I could figure this out when I was ten years old surely you're smart enough to make a few connections, and I'm sorry but that's the one thing LPers do that just drives me crazy) it's at least a nice, nostalgic look back.

I realize that this news item is of trivial interest to anyone but me, but whatever, I'm putting it up here anyway.


Aaand I was supposed to finish working on my short story tonight. Looks like that's not happening. Ugh, it takes me so very long even to update LJ or comment or reply to comments or do anything at all. Tomorrow! I will finish that short story tomorrow. And also e-mail my teachers back, I need to do that too.

Good night, flist. Or good morning, I suppose.
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Not the things I intended to accomplish, possibly, but I'll take what I can get.

Things I did yesterday:

1. Talked to Biology teacher about the classes I've missed; started setting up schedule for the long-term presentation so I won't fall behind. Bio professor was, thankfully, very understanding.

2. Walked outside in the sun (oh thank goodness, I've missed you, sun), generally felt a bit better about life and Impending Graduation and all, and decided to treat myself to dinner at a restaurant on Main Street I'd never been to. This ended up being a good decision, because they had tomatoes and mozzarella with basil and olive oil, which is possibly one of my favorite foods ever. And it's actually partially good for me! I love it when I don't have to feel guilty about eating something.

Also had what, at the time, seemed like the ingenious idea of taking the leftover bread that they give you before your meal home in a to-go box, because otherwise it's just going to get thrown away and if I'm buying dinner I may as well also get breakfast the next morning.

3. Finished Saya no Uta once I got back to my dorm that night. Don't laugh! Ticking off something on the long list of Media I Would Like To Finish is a big deal for me. Anyway, even though I'm not as easily scared as I used to be, there were times while watching Saya no Uta that I just had to close the window and go look at pictures of kittens or something because I was so creeped out by it. It's unsettling the whole way through. And the Just...woah. See, that's how you do Lovecraftian-esque.

Also the soundtrack. The creepy, creepy soundtrack. Eeeeh.

4. Watched the most recent Doctor Who Season 5 trailer! I grow ever more excited about Season 5, even if New Who's persistent problem with sound mixing is in full evidence in the trailer. Very minor spoilers for the content of the trailer. )

5. Cleaned the bathroom. I just feel much better about the world when the bathroom is scrubbed down, don't you?

6. Wrote 400 more words of my [ profile] springkink  fic! I haven't written that much in ages. I am not sure if I should post it like I planned to do with all my other snippets because I might actually finish this thing! I've even gotten to the maintenance that the prompt requested and I am feeling much less stressed about my Optimus voice. Write Or Die: A lifesaver. I should use it for my essay. In fact I will do that today.

But I am going to post the snippet anyway, because it makes me feel good about myself:

430-ish words, with a bit of the last snippet included for context )

Speaking of today, I should shower and make myself presentable so I actually can get something done today. Cheerio
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So. Staying up to watch the Oscars instead of working on the 7-9 page essay that's due tomorrow: exceedingly poor and irresponsible life choice.

But it was absolutely worth it for Ben Stiller (who I'm normally not a big fan of) in Na'vi makeup, Robert Downey Jr.'s "pasty mole people" comment, and Neil Patrick Harris' glorious sparkly tuxedo.

I have managed to see exactly none of the nominated films this year (well, one - Up was nominated), so had no dog in the race and no idea what was going on for most of the show, but I still would not have called Sandra Bullock winning Best Actress, especially since despite everyone who's seen it assuring me that The Blind Side was Quite Good the trailers made it look Velveeta-cheesy. I kind of wanted Gabourey Sidibe to win, actually, because it was her first starring role and that would have been perfect.

But mostly what I took away from the ceremony was "omg Sigourney Weaver and Queen Latifah. ILU. Call me." And possibly "I cannot wait for the GFY blog, Intern George has gotten so much camera action tonight."

Other irrelevance: The Girl Scouts have not discontinued Samoas. My life has meaning once more.
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So I have got to cut myself off from this cracky character-number meme because it's taking up time that I'm supposed to be using for my essays. Posting the answers I have come up with so far seems a good way to tell myself to stop. I will answer the questions in installments because my answers tend to get stupidly long and if I try to answer them all before I post them I will never get them all done.

You can still ask questions if you like (more crack is good for everyone!), but if you do please do so before you read these answers, because it's kind of spoiled if you know who's who.

Questions answered: Four. Fandoms represented: Doctor Who, Final Fantasy X, NCIS, Iron Man movieverse, Tranformers Animated, Star Trek Reboot, Pirates of the Caribbean, ReBoot, and Bones. I've noted which character goes with which fandom to ease confusion.

Two of these questions take up four pages, ack. )


So very late, guys. Must pick up laundry. Then finish two papers. And then I'm done for a week. Hoorah.
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Because everyone else is doing it and I'm a sheep:

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment. (That way you're not leading the questions asked to fit the characters.)

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments.

For example:

'One, Nine, Eleven and Fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from Four. Do they succeed?'
'Under what circumstances might Five and Seven fall in love?'
'Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?'
'What would Two experience in Silent Hill?'
'What Pokémon would Eight have?'
'Write a drabble in which Two and Twelve FIGHT CRIME.'

3) After your f-list has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Maybe I'll actually be able to do this one since it doesn't require a coherent story or anything!

And while I'm nattering, I also present this. I think it says bad things about me that my first thought was "Hey! He can't cheat on Elita-One like that!"

Second and third thoughts were: "Oh my goodness Prime has a wee bow tie, that is more adorable than I know what to do with," and "I will track down a nerdy dude and marry him just so that those can be my cake toppers."

Except mine would have Elita. I love Arcee, I really do, but it's my wedding and I will have my single-episode boring-hetshipper OTP on my cake if I darn well want to.
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