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There's like five writing memes going around and I would like to do them!

Two pinched from[personal profile] spacehussy:

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, you'll get talking about writing, and the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

A ha ha ha like anything will make me finish stuff but it's worth a shot.

WIPs! Lots of them! In Doctor Who, Transformers Animated, Transformers Prime, and Homestuck fandoms, plus an origfic! )


And the other meme: If there was a kinky scenario you could request me to write, what would it be? Please be as specific as possible reasonably specific without going onto pagelong kinkmeme-prompt lengths.

No promises, but, hey. I always like to see what people would like for me to write. Or like to see written.

Not that I don't have bajillions of prompts to write already. Um.

The other meme tomorrow, maybe, as it is quite late and I am tired.
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So I was going to do a freewriting thing and then I realized that I had like two sentences to go to finish this fic. So I did! I am just a finishing-things machine this week, except for things I owe people and stuff I'm actually supposed to do. Still, that's at least the top two things on that poll thing I did a while back, which is a nice feeling.

Would you believe this was actually (like half the things I start) a response to a kinkmeme prompt? I just forgot the smut again. At some point I will finish a fic that does not revolve around porking, I really will.

Title: For Secret's Sake
Fandom: Doctor Who (Classic Series)
Characters/Pairings: Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart/Liz Shaw
Rating: PG-13
Content Advisories: Fade-to-black sex
Summary: This is something different; this is something just for them. Post-Season 7, after Liz leaves.
Word Count: 1,060


For Secret's Sake )


And for once I'm posting not at 2 a.m.! Miracles everywhere today.
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Note that since I came up with most of these I've seen other people put forward the same theories, but I arrived at them more or less on my own, so. Yeah. For what that's worth.

Spoilers for the most recent episodes of Doctor Who, Transformers Prime, and Generator Rex behind the cut. )

Oh, and one other thing: there's a reviewer on TGWTG now called Oancitizen who reviews oddball arthouse cinema like Antichrist, Nine Songs, and Jan Svankmajer's Alice (with the gruesomest, most inappropriate bits censored, so no fear). I don't know if any of you out there have the same disproportionate love for Euroschlocky weirdness, but if you are, well, take a looksee. 

And now it's 2 a.m. again so I should go to bed. Curse my late-night habits.
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Computer's mostly back together, but the router is sporadically going down, leaving me with no internet access - so I've had to actually write in what free time I've had between various and sundry Family Things and work and stuff. And so I finally finished that dream!fic I've been going on about for ages!

I am not sure how to feel now that I've actually finished. It almost doesn't feel like it's really done, like there's got to be more that I can tack on to it. Possibly that's a bad sign?

Also I cannot get over my alternating fear that it's either a) completely incomprehensible or b) way more comprehensible than it should be and comes across as a load of pretentious tune-shy wank.

Okay enough of my anxieties here's the fic.

Title: Fractal
Fandom: Doctor Who (Classic Series)
Characters/Pairings: Third Doctor/Jo Grant, Third Doctor/Delgado Master
Rating: PG-13
Content Advisories: Some violent imagery, nongraphic sensuality, and artistic liberties taken with mathematics.
Summary:  Infinity unfolds from even a line. The Doctor's sleeping mind has much to sort through.
Word Count: 1800
Notes: So...this is kind of a braindump. I've checked it and edited it, but it has not been beta'ed, and represents a kind of raw semi-meta take on some trends and themes I'd noticed in the Third Doctor's era. It's kind of an experiment, too, so...let me know how that goes over?


Fractal )


Oh my. I'm feeling a bit directionless now.

Crossposted when it's not late at night and I'm not supposed to be in bed and it's not dodgy trying to get this thing to post.
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All right, enough procrastinating, it's time to open up the


What's going on here: So, lo these many years ago in 2008, [ profile] settiai  had a really cool idea: Since Doctor Who has been running for a good 45 years and has dozens upon dozens of characters, why not try to write 1000 different combinations/pairings of those characters? And thus, [ profile] whoniverse1000  was born!

And for a while it was pretty great - people wrote pairings that had no other fic and sometimes shouldn't have worked but did, and it was a lot of fun just seeing what people could come up with for these people distributed across space and time to interact with each other. But, around 240 fics (no mean feat) it kind of petered out. And I think that's a shame.

So, let's give it a little more love! 

How it works: For [ profile] whoniverse1000 , people wrote short fics for their pairing in the comments section of the main post, then request three different pairings - however random or improbable - at the end of their fic. Someone who wanted to write or draw that pairing would leave a comment fic as a reply to that comment

1) Behind this link is the list of all the requested, unwritten pairings on the comm so far. If you want to participate, claim a prompt in the comments to this post! Claim for fic, art, whatever. Claimed prompts will be posted here, to avoid doubling (due to the size of the unclaimed prompt list I can't just post it here behind the cut; it makes the post too big).

2) Claiming stays open until the 10th of March, little more than a week. After that, it's time to write!

3) Fic can be as short as 100 words or as long as you like; art should be posted in your own journal with a thumbnail in the comment. When you're done, post your fic or art in the main post, as a reply if it's a pairing requested in an existing thread.

4) Once you've finished your fic or art, leave a comment linking to it on the writing post; if you want to keep going, go back to the claims post here and claim another prompt, and so on and so forth.

5) For now, let's stick with previously-requested prompts, rather than starting new threads, although if absolutely none of the requested pairings appeal to you, go ahead and go with something new. The Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator may be of help here. :D But part of the fun here is seeing which improbably and strange pairings can get written here!

6) Remember, leave feedback on the feedback post, or in the link on the ficathon page - the main page is just for fics.

7) If you have a pairing you want to claim and would like a prompt to get started, just ask for a prompt in the comments - I'll give you a word, image, or lyric for you to go on.

8) Remember: Use warnings for common triggers if your fic requires them (common triggers here being rape, other consent issues, abuse (especially of children), self-harm, and graphic violence (please let me know if I've forgotten any)), be nice to each other, and don't bash other pairings or characters in your fic.

9) Be sure to pimp this in your own journal or relevant comms! The more the merrier!

Have fun, and happy writing! 

[ profile] agapi42 : Leela/Rodan
[info]settiaiJackie Tyler/Mickey Smith
[ profile] janeturenne: Leela/Torvald
[ profile] amaresu: Charley Pollard/Rose Tyler
[ profile] sleepscribbling: Luke Smith/Toshiko Sato
[ profile] stunt_muppet: Liz Shaw/Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw
[ profile] carawj : Ace McShane/Melanie Bush
[ profile] glinda_penguin : Mercy Hartigan/Rosita
[ profile] cosmic_llin : Sarah Jane Smith/Chrissie Jackson
[ profile] marzipanilla : Sarah Jane Smith/Third Doctor

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Another quick break in between ENDLESS JOB APPLICATIONS OH MY GOD SOMEONE JUST HIRE ME. Also: Real Life post. One of these days.

So, lo these many years ago in 2008, [ profile] settiai  had a really cool idea: Since Doctor Who has been running for a good 45 years and has dozens upon dozens of characters, why not try to write 1000 different combinations/pairings of those characters? And thus, [ profile] whoniverse1000  was born!

And for a while it was pretty great - people wrote pairings that had no other fic and sometimes shouldn't have worked but did, and it was a lot of fun just seeing what people could come up with for these people distributed across space and time to interact with each other. But, around 240 fics (no mean feat) it kind of petered out. And I think that's a shame.

So, I have two ideas here, now that the really heavy holiday/ficathon season is out of the way:

1) Whoniverse 1000 revival ficathon! Gather up all the unclaimed pairings that people have posted thus far and have a fest where people claim, post, claim again, and so on and so forth. In addition to maybe getting a few more stories up there, writers have drifted in and out of Who fandom since [ profile] whoniverse1000  went up, and there are probably at least a few people who would like it but don't know about it. Advertising!

Quick gauge of interest for a revival ficathon?

2) ...yeah, I kind of want to do a Transformers-verse 1000 fic comm. But I don't know if anyone would want to do it but me. Despite the huge blowups over Ten/Rose and Ten/Martha and whatever, I've found that there are pockets of TF fandom that can be even more divisive about shipping, and I don't want to end up in the middle of a giant wank parade. Of course, I tend not to run with the divisive shipping crowd (you guys are awesome that way, by the way), so I'm not sure how much of a problem it's going to end up being, but it's something to consider.

But, if I did want to do that, would anybody be interested?

This is in no way a plot to get people/myself to write some of the rare pairings I've been wanting to see. Really, fandoms, it's been a whole five months since the Ironhide miniseries ended and you've yet to produce SPOILERS for the Ironhide miniseries )

Y'all are lying down on the job I tell you.

If I knew anything about comics canon I'd mod a DC-verse and Marvel-verse 1000 challenge as well, because that seems the most likely out of all of them to make it to 1000. DEADPOOL/EVERYONE.

Oh, and one more announcement: [ profile] halfamoon  posting is go! Up through the 14th of February, post some fics, art, mixes, meta, or generalized love for your favorite female characters in any fandom. It's a lot of fun and always produces some great fic and introductions to new series and canons, so go check it out and show some love.

You know, I never used to get headaches when I used the computer, but now I do. I have done my job-applying and being-a-productive-person for the day; now it is time to read books for my blog. Or bead. I could do that too.

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Very, very slowly. I wrote a whole 630 words this week! And most of it was on the Ficlet Project fic! Hooray! 

Miscellaneous things:

1. SARAH JANE ADVENTURES OMG. Maybe wanting something really really hard does make it happen after all!

Cut for spoilers from the video. )

So the upshot of all that is basically SQUEE. I am so glad this series is still going. So glad.

Also I've been informed that there is, in fact, a Three/Jo/Iris Wildthyme audio out there somewhere. It is now my objective to make this part of my life.

2. Speaking of squee, someone on the anonmeme mentioned my fic! \o/ They mentioned it by name and everything, which sort of implies that enough people have heard of it to know what the anon was referring to when then mention it - or that they knew to seek it out when they were watching a specific serial. 

I know this'll probably make me sound like extremely eager for attention, but it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Because I know you're supposed to write for yourself, but I wouldn't write if I didn't want people to read and enjoy these stories, if I didn't want to share them and send them out into the world. And the thought enough people like my little fic for it to get referenced in a place where nobody has any expectation of me seeing it just makes all the writers' block worth it.

< /sentimentality>

3. In the midst of Trying To Write, I've been seriously plotting out which of the Big Huge Crazy AUs I want to write first, which ones I think I could finish realistically, etc. Because I do want to write them instead of just having them float around in my headspace. And so I've been trying to hash out a plot for the more nebulous Holy War AU (which has fewer definite plot points) in the hopes of writing it down one of these days.

Cut for writing blather. )

So, yeah. Just an idea I've been tossing around. Plus, that gives me a venue to write some of the popular pairings in a new light - because I kind of feel obligated to write Sunstreaker/Sideswipe or Thundercracker/Skywarp, but I've never really felt that inspired to, if that makes any sense? And in this AU context I could do something new with them.

I need to make myself a schedule for which of these BHCAU I want to write first, so that I can assiduously ignore it and start working on something totally different instead.

BUT FIRST. Ficlet project. And then Springkink fic.

4. So I wrote about 140 words of "teaser" for the Holy War AU in freewrite. I decided to put it here.

142 words, to be precise. )
I feel like I should post a bit of the Ficlet Project fic, because I've got over 500 words of it, but idk. That feels like it should be a surprise.

5. Have finally gotten hold of a scanner! We'll see if it'll actually scan my drawings instead of refusing to see them if they're not inked, because I hate inking. I'm looking forward to posting clean versions of some of my sketches. Might give me some drive to draw again.

6. It's not 1 in the morning, wow. I should probably go before it is.
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Despite how often I type *flails* or something.







I mean, just - AMY. RORY (oh god Rory. ;__:) ELEVENTY. RIVER I HAVE COME AROUND ON RIVER. WEE BITSY AMELIA. A story about stories, and storytelling, and the series itself in a way, and memories, and using time travel in an inventive and strange and marvelous way and setting up series 6 omg omg I want to know what happens in Series 6 RIGHT NOW.

*hyperventilates a bit*

So, yeah, I liked it kind of a lot.

Also if you have seen The Big Bang you must go read this post-ep RIGHT NOW, because it is lovely and wonderful and odds are it will make you cry. WELL GO ON THEN, I DIDN'T PUT THE LINK THERE SO YOU COULD JUST SIT THERE AND NOT CLICK ON IT.

I will make an entry of substance in a bit, I really will, but I just. I needed a moment. :D
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Surgery's tomorrow; my brother had his wisdom teeth out today. I thought that would at least give me the consolation of having someone else in the house doped up and incoherent, but it turns out that he's back on his feet the same evening and hardly even hurts. Grumble grumble.

And Mom's been more emphatic about me working on my resume, so I don't think I'll even get much of a chance to write while I'm laid up. Though the last time I had surgery, I couldn't write anyway because I was too tired.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'll probably be offline for the next day or two, though there've been so many gaps in my online presence that it really won't make much of a difference. What I'm most worried about isn't even the operation so much as what I'll say under sedation; the last time I woke up in post-op I found it not only relevant but imperative that I inform the nurses present why "City of Death" proved that Four/Romana was totally canon, much to my later embarrassment. I'm moderately concerned about what irrelevancies I might blurt out this time.


Still haven't gotten my hands on the Allspark Almanac Volume 2, because I live in boring suburbia and we don't have any comic book shops here anymore except for the one that mostly sells sports cards. But I've been looking up the trivia and such that's made its way to the Wiki, and part of the trivia was that, had the series continued, Jazz would have replaced Prowl as a permanent team member. Okay, kind of saw that coming. But what's that other - wait, Ironhide would have replaced Bulkhead in the team lineup? Wait, wait, but Bulkhead's not even dead, what's that about?

That makes me so very sad. Like it's not enough that the guy gets no love from fandom (though I can talk, having not written him either), he'd have gotten written out of his own show? Ouch.

I get that he didn't have quite the same character arc as, say, Optimus or Prowl, but isn't the solution to develop him more rather than writing him out? And I thought he was actually quite fleshed out; he was one of the only characters I've seen in anything with an interest in both art and engineering, he had interests and motivations and weaknesses and everything and his kibble can turn into a chair! What more could you want?

At least he gets a corresponding character in the Prime cartoon, though if Prime!Bulkhead does not paint Cubist portraits I will be very disappointed.

Once I'm done with my Springkink fics (and the dozen or so other things I have to finish, derp) I really will have to write that fic where Bulkhead tries to explain different modern artistic movements to the various Autobots. I've already decided that Optimus should get stuck with Dada, because he would completely not get it and I think it'd be funny, but I think Prowl would find Pointillism interesting, given that it replicates the effects of pixels but with the imprecision inherent in non-mechanical replication, which I'm sure is very profound in some way or another that I'm too tired to think about right now. Ratchet gets to try to figure out Abstract Expressionism because he finds even representational art pointless; listening to him rant about abstraction would be entertaining.

One of these days I'm going to write it. One of these days.


In other news, it turns out that we get Season 5 of Doctor Who on demand, so I've caught up with the season until "The Lodger", with the exception of "Time of Angels" and "Flesh and Stone", which irks me somewhat as it means I've seen no new River and new River looks rather amazing. That said, my early Amy!love is completely justified even in the episodes where she only gets a little to do; she's smart and sharp and witty and has wonderful wisecracks and makes wonderful faces and I generally love her. And Rory! I am so glad that Rory is wonderful as well, and that the Doctor for all his ribbing actually likes and respects him and Rory calls him on his Doctorness at times. And let me tell you how wibbly I got at the end of "In Cold Blood" despite the reassuring spoilers that I'll not mention outside of the cut.

I'll go over my reactions more fully once I've finally finished the season (I intend to Make Requests whilst laid up), but I really, really love this season and this Doctor - it's one of New Who's all-around stronger seasons, I think. And Eleven is so Doctorish it surprises and delights me every time I watch him. And also, Eleven/Giant Fish is my new crack!OTP.

I AM SO TIRED. I should go. See you all once I've gotten all this metal cut out of my back.
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But it's the only time I really get to make posts anymore, so 2 a.m. it is.

1. Is it really Doctor Who Season 5 finale time? Already? You have got to be joking. Have I really fallen that far behind?

Three or four uninterrupted hours of computer/TV time, over a couple of days, so I can catch up with the season and actually comment on people's spoilery posts, that's really all I ask. Maybe when Dad gets back from traveling my belated Father's Day "present" will be the entirety of Season 5. Which we will watch right then.

2. Speaking of Doctor Who, while appreciate having kind and hands-off mods, there comes a point when someone has clearly not read the comm rules and should probably be at least notified that they're not following them. For instance, if they post Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master and Eleven/Amy in [ profile] who_otp , a comm specifically set aside for pairings that, you know, aren't already getting seven or eight new fics a day. Like Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master, for instance! And even if Eleven/Amy isn't specifically on the list of disallowed pairings, I'm pretty sure that given how much of it there is that it's not within the spirit of the comm to post it there.

This is an incredibly petty complaint, I know, but reading comm rules is such a basic thing and it annoys me so when people just don't bother because - I don't even know why, it's not like an adult-rated Ten/Simm or Eleven/Amy fic is going to be hurting for readers exactly.

Okay, that's enough whining out of me for today.

3. There have been many, many announcements regarding Portal 2! It's really happening! The dev team is actually taking steps to make sure it isn't a retread of Portal! They've promised not to overplay the cake meme! There's whole new physics sets to manipulate! I just. It took me ages and ages to even get the hang of Portal, but it really is one of the most amazing games I've ever played, and I want so badly for Portal to break the Sequel Curse and turn out an actually good sequel that transcends its roots as a moneymaking exercise and becomes an organic expansion of the first installment, I want so much for it to be more Portal in the best sense of the word. Please oh please oh please let it be good. *crosses fingers*

That said, I have to say I'm looking forward almost as much to Yahtzee's review of Portal 2. Fervent love for Portal + categorical hatred of sequels and franchise properties = certain hilarity.

4. In my spare moments I have continued rummaging about through my old CDs and have discovered yet more of the old anime soundtrack downloads that I used to play on endless loops! There are songs on there I haven't heard in five, six years but that I'd always wanted to seek out again, and now I have them all to myself. *snuggles* I never had much fondness for Fushigi Yugi as a series, but darn if the theme song wasn't pretty, and I'm so happy that I can play it whenever I want again.

5. So among the many Big Huge Transformers Fic Things I've been contemplating is a story about Elita's team during the four million years that the robots that G1 follows were unconscious - about their missions, about staying hidden and surviving and all the harrowing escapades and daring heroics they must have got up to over all that time. And since Arcee tends to get lumped in with the Female Autobots and there's not a lot of fic out there of Arcee, I figured, sure, why not include her.

But there are some problems. )

6. So, reportedly, Shockwave is going to be the main villain in Transformers 3. I am very concerned about this, of course. If the villain of this movie has no face, how is Optimus supposed to take it at the end? You have to think about these things, Bay, there’s an internet meme at stake here.

Also there is talk that there will be less focus on the robots in the third movie. I would point out that Beast Wars had no human characters at all and still managed to be entertaining, but hey, that’s why they don’t hire me to make movies, I guess.

Also War for Cybertron apparently has already been released and Slipstream really is in it, eeeee. I don’t care if she isn’t in the main game mode, there she is! This game shall be mine even if I have to babysit more four-year-olds for it, I swear it will.

7. Speaking of Big Huge Transformers Fic Ideas, a while back while I was still in school I browsed through the Wild Mass Guessing page for TFA , and I came across the theory that Sari Spoilers for Animated and Beast Machines and teal deer from here on )

I really, really like the idea behind this, but there’s no way I’ll have the time or plot-writing capacity to actually write it, um, ever, so, call it a plot bunny up for adoption by whoever wants it.

And now, per usual, I have lots of other things to say (including my Monday babysitting adventures) but am up far too late and must go to bed before I waste half the next day sleeping. Night, flist.
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