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There's like five writing memes going around and I would like to do them!

Two pinched from[personal profile] spacehussy:

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, you'll get talking about writing, and the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

A ha ha ha like anything will make me finish stuff but it's worth a shot.

Doctor Who: Shameless Three/Brigadier/Liz offa the kinkmeme:

The hand beneath his chin is a test; the closeness of the other man's body an imposition. All of it, every gesture, a calculated challenge to his authority, like sitting at his desk, like sulking in the TARDIS and locking the door.
And yet he's almost gentle with him.

Doctor Who: (Ben/)Polly/Benton, timey business:

"Of course we'll be fine! We've got you to protect us, haven't we. Besides," she laughs as she's led away in line to the shelters. "I've been to the future. It hasn't got any dinosaurs in it."

And just before she disappears from sight, she winks.

Doctor Who: Jamie/Cybermans OTP for[personal profile] kayliemalinza:

"You'll remember it, Jamie. I know you will. No memory wipe is that good. We'll go all the places we went before - we'll go see Victoria, and Polly and Ben - and Zoe, oh, surely you remember Zoe?"

He knew it. This was some sort of madman who'd stolen the Doctor's box.

Doctor Who: Jenny/Miss Evangelista, originally for Whoniverse 1000:

All 4022 people who were trapped in the library during the Vashta Nerada’s hatching were reintegrated into the Library, their memories restored to their previous state. So was Donna Noble, saved later as a precaution.

So was Miss Evangelista, corrupted coding and all.

Transformers Animated: Bumblebee/Bulkhead pre-series character piece:

What was even in this sector that anyone would want to go to? He ran as far as he could, down into the chasms and up the canyon walls, and there was nothing. No planets close, no people, even the scenery that Prowl went on and on about was gray and dusty and you could hardly see any stars. Nowhere to go.

He'd kept on running and the planet had never seemed to run out. And now he wasn't sure where he was.

Transformers Animated: More of that Sari/Bumblebee(/Jettwins) thing:

Bumblebee’s steering wheel twitched left and right, making his wheels grind against the pavement, and it occurred to her that this was the closest a car could come to fidgeting. “Well, um. You know how your computers, you can share data and stuff by plugging drives in? Same kind of thing here. Only I’d be the drive. Or you’d be. I’m not really sure.”

“Okay.” Was that all? Why had he been so embarrassed about it, then? Seemed pretty simple.

Tranformers Animated: The Big Huge Crazy Post-War AU

He had exchanged his earth tires for tank treads early on in the war. They didn’t make the journey easy, but they gave decent traction on the grittier slopes. And they were familiar, and old, like this was just the end of the old war, and there hadn’t been those hundreds of years of false hope in between.

Transformers Prime: Raf/Airachnid darkfic:

“The only problem,” she went on, the rest of those needle fingers drawing lines down his face and neck, delicate and chill, “is that there’s just not enough of you to make a decent trophy. Thin little bones and thin little skin. If I just took the head…” She turned his head to look at the wall, past the door to the operating theater, where he knew the grim, paralyzed faces of the galaxy grinned down at them. “I wouldn’t be able to even see you up there, and what’s the point of a trophy you can’t admire?”

Transformers Prime: Embarassing id-ficcy June/Optimus humanization kinkmeme fill. Just cause.

June Darby came home that evening to find a naked man sleeping on her couch.

Well, not precisely naked. He did have a bathrobe on, albeit ill-fitting and come half-open from tossing and turning, but she didn't have the time to make that distinction before she stepped back out the door, snapped the door shut, and reached into her purse to call 911.

Before she could start to dial, there was a knock on the door, and a quiet "Nurse Darby?"

The voice was familiar.

Transformers Prime: Based Almost Entirely on Fanon, hurrah:

Okay, it probably wasn’t giving him bad dreams all by itself. The events of the past few days had been more than enough to do that on their own. But they weren’t the nightmares he thought he’d have – because he even had the right to have nightmares, he chided himself, despite being nowhere near the action and safe in the base when the tornado hit. He wondered if Mom was okay; she seemed to be keeping it together, but then she always kept it together. All the time.

Homestuck: Equius, sober!Gamzee, Horrorstuck + fanon:

Just as it should be. Selfish, he thought, so selfish to keep the highblood from his rightful prey. No matter how badly he wanted her safe.

After all, her kind were always meant to die as subjects, unless they found safety in the moiraillegiance of one such as himself. Safety in exchange for stability, for helping the higher channel their desire for dominance into useful channels.

Homestuck: The Sufferer, Doc Scratch, and religious studies wank:

"I'm sure it makes you feel better to think of me as the cause of your troubles, but I am a result of your choice, not a cause of it. Your decision was your own.

"And, yes, it was your decision."

Original Fic!

What the internet did for books it did for bibliomagi.

Computers are assembled en masse; the plans are drawn up and revised by multiple people and they're put together by more machines themselves. There's nothing of the personal to them, none of the choices based on sound or feeling to be made. That's where the memories and power lie.


And the other meme: If there was a kinky scenario you could request me to write, what would it be? Please be as specific as possible reasonably specific without going onto pagelong kinkmeme-prompt lengths.

No promises, but, hey. I always like to see what people would like for me to write. Or like to see written.

Not that I don't have bajillions of prompts to write already. Um.

The other meme tomorrow, maybe, as it is quite late and I am tired.


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